FFXIV: The Wanderer’s Palace

Even though it is not a requirement to complete The Wanderer’s Palace in FFXIV, it is seen as an important stepping stone.

Players are invited to immerse themselves in the persistent world of Eorzea in this adventurous video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV).

As its name suggests, the game is part of the classic Final Fantasy franchise, which means that you are likely to experience similar content, locations, and gameplay throughout the series.

The game is set in the popular Final Fantasy fictitious universe, Eorzea, in which you can interact with both the environment and with other players.

Players can enjoy an array of activities and occasional events in the game, but bear in mind that some of these features may be locked initially.

Fortunately, you can access them once you have met the necessary requirements. One of the activities you can enjoy is The Wanderer’s Palace, which is a level 50 dungeon.


Dungeons in FFXIV are instanced areas full of bosses and enemies, generally fought by a party of 4 players. Every instance of a dungeon is separate from others and is exclusive to a specific party.

It is worth noting that dungeons have to be unlocked through quests, though most are unlocked as part of the main storyline. Dungeons also have level requirements, and once you reach level 50, you also experience item level requirements.

Players that are below the level requirement cannot enter the dungeon, and players that are above the level requirement are level synced to the maximum level permitted for the dungeon.

FFXIV: The Wanderer’s Palace

The Wanderer’s Palace is a level 50 dungeon that you can complete in FFXIV, introduced in patch 2.0. This optional dungeon serves as a gateway to difficult level 50 content. Even though it is not required to progress in the main story, it is an important stepping stone in your journey.

FFXIV: The Wanderer’s Palace
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Before you can assess your abilities in the dungeon, you have to unlock it. To do so, you must accept and complete the level 50 quest, Trauma Queen. You can pick it up by talking to Allene, who you can find in Western Thanalan.

Once you have entered The Wanderer’s Palace, the first thing you will notice is the untargetable Tonberrys that are dotted around the dungeon. These foes will slowly walk towards you, as they are a soft damage-per-second (DPS) check.

If your party takes too long to trash enemies in each room, a Tonberry will stab the closest player, which deals a lot of damage. Although it is possible to survive this attack, it is advisable that you avoid it by defeating each group of enemies quickly.

The smaller Tonberrys that you need to kill in each group of enemies drop Lantern Oil. You need to use this oil on the Rusted Nymian Devices to activate them all, which will allow you to pass through each door.

Furthermore, you should note that there are 3 bosses in The Wanderer’s Palace, namely, Keeper of Halidom, Giant Bavarois, and the Tonberry King. Each boss has unique skills and abilities that will be used during the battle.

Keeper of Halidom

The first boss of the dungeon is the Keeper of Halidom, and he inflicts numerous debuffs on your party. It is recommended that you have Esuna ready during this fight, as he has 5 attacks, which are highlighted in the table below.:

Attack Description
Moldy Phlegm This large-radius area-of-effect (AOE) attacks a random player to inflict moderate damage and Healing Magic Down debuff
Goobbue’s Grief It is a short-ranged AoE attack with moderate damage that inflicts Poison
Inhale This attack is a cone AoE attack with a draw-in effect
Moldy Sneeze It deals moderate damage and inflicts a Healing Magic Down debuff
Beatdown A frontal melee attack that deals minimal damage

Which rewards can you earn for defeating Giant Bavarois?

Players should note that they will earn a variety of rewards for defeating each of the 3 bosses in The Wanderer’s Palace. However, you can earn the following for defeating Giant Bavarois:

  • Warlock’s Tights
  • Mercenary’s Slops
  • Sipahi Sarouel
  • Vermilion Skirt
  • Warlock’s Robe
  • Mercenary’s Action
  • Sipahi Shirt
  • Alpine War Jacket
  • Vermilion Haubergeon

Tips for defeating the Tonberry King

Since the Tonberry King is the final boss in The Wanderer’s Place, he is allegedly quite difficult to defeat. Hence, it is recommended that FFXIV players tank him in the center of the room to keep him equidistant from each spawn location.

You can ignore the Tonberry Slasher adds, as they only spawn when the boss reaches 50 percent health. Remember, you should kill the boss before the Tonberry Slasher ads get close enough to hurt you.

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