FFXIV: Soul without Life

To procure an Anima Weapon in Final Fantasy XIV, players have to complete the Soul without Life quest, which requires Nodules.


Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is a well-renowned video game that invites players to enjoy simulation and role-playing elements. As the game’s name suggests, it is part of the Final Fantasy franchise, which means you will experience similar content, features, and mechanics.

Similarly to previous games, it takes place in a fictional world, in which you can interact with the environment and other players.

There are numerous activities and in-game events for you to participate in, however, you first have to create your character. Once you have completed the introductory tutorial mission, you can start exploring the world, improving your crafting skills, and gathering resources.

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Why are quests important?

Even if these activities sound tempting to players, they should first focus on completing the main quests. The main questline becomes available once you have completed the tutorial mission.

As you travel the world you will discover side quests, which are additional quests you can complete to receive rewards. These quests are not mandatory, though.

Quests function as guides to the game, as they give players specific tasks that they have to complete to receive rewards. The tasks that you have to complete can range in difficulty, which means that some can be quite simple, while others can take time to complete.

FFXIV: Soul without Life

One of the quests you have to complete in the game is Soul without Life. This quest’s description states that Ardashir seems eager to bring anima into being. You can pick up this quest at Azys Lla by speaking to Ardashir, but you first have to meet the specific requirements.

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Players have to be level 60 before they can complete this quest, and they have to complete the An Unexpected Proposal quest to gain access to Soul without Life. Once you have picked up the quest, you have to speak to Rowena, who is located at Revenant’s Toll, which is an area in Mor Dhona.

After speaking to her, players must engage in a conversation with Syndony, who is situated at the same location. You will then have to deliver the Umbral Nodule and Astral Nodule to Ardashir to complete the quest and receive rewards.

Umbral Nodule and Astral Nodule ffxiv
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Similarly to all the quests in FFXIV, you will earn rewards for completing the Soul without Life quest, and there are more than 10 different weapons and gear you can receive. The rewards are determined by your class or job at the time of quest completion.

The following table outlines the various reward options for completing the quest:

Item Description
Animated Hauteclaire Gladiator’s Arm
Animated Prytwen Shield
Animated Parashu Marauder’s Arm
Animated Deathbringer Dark Knight’s Arm
Animated Seraph Cane Two-handed Conjurer’s Arm
Animated Elements Scholar’s Arm
Animated Atlas Astrologian’s Arm
Animated Rising Suns Pugilist’s Arm
Animated Brionac Lancer’s Arm
Animated Yukimitsu Rogue’s Arm
Animated Berimbau Archer’s Arm
Animated Ferdinand Machinist’s Arm
Animated Lunaris Rod Two-handed Thaumaturge’s Arm
Animated Almandal Arcanist’s Grimoire
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In order to obtain the Astral and Umbral Nodules, you have to procure specific crystals. The following table highlights the names of the crystals, and where you can find them:

Nodule Crystal Location


Luminous Wind Crystal The Sea of Clouds
  Luminous Fire Crystal Azys Lla
  Luminous Lightning Crystal The Churning Mists


Luminous Ice Crystal Coerthas Western Highlands
  Luminous Earth Crystal The Dravanian Forelands
  Luminous Water Crystal The Dravanian Hinterlands

To obtain a crystal from a Fate, players must receive a gold rating. Keep in mind that this step is determined by a random number generator (RNG), which means you have to invest some time in farming Fates if the drops are not in your favour.

Can players skip this quest?

The only way you can skip this quest is by trading in a completed Zodiac Zeta Weapon for both Nodules. If players followed the Relic Questline from A Realm Reborn, they would have received the Zodiac Zeta Weapon, as it is the final, completed relic.

Players who do not have the weapon or did not complete the quest must gather the elemental crystals to receive the Nodules.

Soul without Life ffxiv map
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Final thoughts

FFXIV is an adventurous video game that allows you to interact with the environment and with other players. There are various activities and in-game events that you can participate in, however, it is recommended that you first focus on completing the main quests.

One of the quests you can complete is Soul without Life, which forms part of the Anima Weapon questline. The reward for completing this quest highly depends on your class or job at the time of completing the quest. Players can skip this quest if they have the Zodiac Zeta Weapon in their possession.

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