FFXIV: Shades of Shatotto

During the FFXIV Shades of Shatotto quest, you have to prove your worth by defeating a powerful threat, however, the quest is only available to Black Mages.

Gamers are invited to explore the vast world of Eorzea in this thrilling video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Since it is part of the classic Final Fantasy series, you will likely experience similar gameplay and mechanics throughout the franchise.

FFXIV has several activities that you can enjoy, as well as occasional in-game events. Although these features are tempting, it is advisable that you focus on the main story arc, which consists of several quests

In addition to the main quest, you can complete class specific quests. As the Black Mage, you have to complete the Shades of Shatotto quest to earn rewards.

How to become a Black Mage

The Black Mage is a magical, ranged damage-dealer in FFXIV. There are 2 known ways to become a Black Mage. One is to create a new character and select the Thaumaturge class.

Keep in mind that you have to level up this class to level 30 before you can specialise in the Black Mage job.

Alternatively, you can select one of your existing characters and go to Ul’dah in the Steps of Nald. Here, you have to speak to Yayake to start the Way of the Thaumaturge quest. You then have to level the class to level 30 in order to take up the Black Mage class.

FFXIV: Shades of Shatotto

Players should remember that the Shades of Shatotto is a Black Mage exclusive quest, which means that no other job has access to it. Once your Black Mage character has reached level 60, you can discover the in-game notice, ‘Lalai is eyeing you expectantly’.

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Lalai will eagerly share a new and most fascinating discovery with you. In poring over the reunited Books of Nald’thal, she has unearthed what appears to be a long-lost incantation.

Unfortunately, it is very unfamiliar to her as the spell is accompanied by only a concise instruction urging the would-be caster to speak the words at Nald’s Reflection.

As the player, it is your responsibility to follow Lalai and invoke the spell according to the instructions that are written in the tome. Shortly after performing the spell, a wisp of light emerges from the statue of Nald. After the light floats across the room, it strikes Lalai full-force.

Moments later, Lalai is no longer herself. Instead, she is speaking to you in the voice of none other than Shatotto. The mother of black magic tests your character to see if you are worthy of aiding her in a difficult task.

Once Shatotto sees that you possess the strength that she seeks, she decides to share the true reason for her return with you. Regrettably, her strength begins to face, and Lalai regains control of her consciousness.

Although Shatotto’s appearance has caused more questions, one thing is clear: there are dark clouds on the horizon. Upon returning to the Sacrarium, Lalai returns to her study in the hopes of procuring more answers. Players can speak with her to complete the quest and to be rewarded.

FFXIV: Shades of Shatotto
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Once you have completed the quest, you will earn 100 000 experience points and 2 026 Gil, which is the standardised currency of Eorzea. The currency is used in more than 25 shops, but it can also be used to purchase more than 30 items through trading.

There are various items that you can purchase with Gil, but it is advised that you first focus on levelling your gear, especially if you are a new player.

Alternatively, players can use their Gil to purchase Glamour items, collectibles such as Emotes, Minions, and different Consumables.

Black Mage exclusive quests

The Black Mage job has more than 10 exclusive quests that you can complete, some of which unlock achievements and abilities:

Quest name Required level Ability unlocks/Achievement
International Relations 40 Players will unlock the Freeze ability
Always Bet on Black 50 You will earn the Flare Back in Black I achievement for completing this quest
Destruction in the name of Justice 58 Players can unlock the Blizzard IV ability
When the Golems Get Through 65 None

Golems Gone Wild

After completing the FFXIV Shades of Shatotto quest, it is advisable that you focus on the main story arc to earn experience points. The following Black Mage exclusive quest can only be unlocked when your character has reached level 63.

Once your character has reached the required level, you can pick up the Golems Gone Wild quest by speaking to Lalai.

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