FFXIV: Server Transfer

You can transfer your characters to another world server in FFXIV, though you need to pay $18 to complete the process.

You can create and control a character while exploring the fictional world of Eorzea in this adventurous game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV).

When you first start playing the game, you have to select a world server. Although it is possible to visit other servers, some players want to know how to transfer servers permanently.

Servers in FFXIV

A server in FFXIV is referred to as a world, which is an individual instance of FFXIV. Servers are located in 4 different areas, namely, North America, Oceania, Europe, and Japan.

Every region is further divided into Data Centers. Every Data Center has multiple worlds that you can join.

That being said, there are no regional limitations, which means that you can create a character on any of the 4 regions’ servers. During the character creation, you can select the world server that you want to begin the game on.

Although there are several world servers, the game’s content remains the same. Thus, it does not matter which server you play FFXIV on.

FFXIV: Server Transfer

FFXIV allows you to visit other servers to party with friends, but you may decide that you want to transfer servers permanently. The world transfer feature allows you to transfer your characters to another server.

For $18, you can move characters between worlds of your choosing. Before requesting a home world transfer, we recommend that you check the Server Status to determine the current status of congested and preferred worlds.

It is possible that you may not be able to transfer to worlds that are congested, so you have to ensure that the world you want to transfer to is not congested.

To begin the transfer, you have to log into your Square Enix account on the Mog Station. If you have several accounts, you will be directed to the service account selection screen.

Make sure that you select the account that you want to transfer, otherwise you may need to repeat the process.

Under the “Additional Services” tab, you have to select the “Home World Transfer” option. After clicking the “Submit Transfer Application” option, read and accept the terms of the process.

FFXIV: Server Transfer
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Players have to select the service account that contains the characters that they wish to transfer before selecting the world that they want to transfer to.

To complete this process, follow the payment instructions on the screen. Once these steps have been taken, the Home World Transfer application will be complete. The next time you log into FFXIV, you may notice that your home server has changed.

Why has my character not been transferred?

It is noteworthy that the Home World Transfer may take several days to complete. If there is a backlog of requests for this service, you cannot do anything but wait. You will receive an email when your character has been transferred to the new server.

The email notification will be sent to the primary email address registered on your account. It is advisable that you check the email account linked to your FFXIV account regularly to see if the transfer is complete.

Character name change

During the World Transfer, you may be asked to change your character’s name. This is because every character on a server must have a unique name for mailing, finding, and party purposes.

If your character’s name already exists on the server that you want to transfer to, you will be forced to rename your character.

 The name of your character has to be unique, as a name can only be used once on a server. Furthermore, FFXIV has some limitations on what character names can be. For instance, you are not allowed to use some special characters or numbers.

This principle also applies to your retainer. You will be prompted to change the retainer’s name when logging in for the first time once the transfer is complete.

World Transfer criteria

Unfortunately, not all characters in FFXIV meet the requirements to be transferred to another server permanently. You may not be eligible for the Home Transfer unless you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Your character was created 3 or more days ago
  • Your character does not belong to a Free Company
  • The character is not logged into the game
  • You do not have items for sale on the Market Bard
  • Your character does not have items entrusted to the Calamity Salvager non-player character
  • The character is logged out outside of any instanced areas
  • You leave the Free Company before initiating a World Transfer

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