FFXIV: Otter Fountain

The Water Otter Fountain in FFXIV is a new landmark that can be placed in Island Sanctuary, though it can be complicated to craft.

You can enjoy an array of activities and elements in this popular video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Since it is part of the Final Fantasy series, players are likely to experience similar content, features, zones, and non-player characters in the series.

FFXIV takes place in the vast open world of Eorzea, in which you can complete quests, procure collectibles, defeat foes, and learn new skills, amongst other things. Players who prefer a slow-paced gaming life can enjoy the Island Sanctuary.

On your island, you can place items, construct buildings, and take care of animals. One of the monuments that you can collect and place on your island is the Otter Fountain.

How to unlock Island Sanctuary

If you are interested in the Island Sanctuary, you have to unlock it by completing the main scenario quest, Endwalker. Once this is completed, talk to the non-player-character (NPC) Clueless Crier in Old Sharlayan to pick up the Seeking Sanctuary quest.

After completing the small chain of quests, you will get access to your Island. You can customise your island according to your preferences, however, you first have to acquire items and construct buildings. Players can also harvest resources by exploring their island and  craft an array of items with them.

If you leave your Island, you can return to it by talking to Baldin, who is in Lower La Noscea.

FFXIV: Otter Fountain

One of the monuments that you can place on your Island is the Otter Fountain, however, acquiring the fountain can be daunting. In order to procure the Otter Fountain, you have to unlock the recipe for the fountain.

FFXIV: Otter Fountain
© Square Enix

Before you can do this, you have to complete your Island’s production of every location, which includes the Lighthouse. Moreover, you have to complete the side quest, which can be picked up from the Curious Courier.

If you meet these requirements, you can interact with the Horrendous Hoarder NPC, who has a new option unlocked. In the “Exchange Items for Permits” tab, there is a list of things that you can craft.

You need 2 of each item on the list. This means you need to collect 2 Water Otter Lumber, 2 Water Otter Fountain Hardware, and 2 Water Otter Fountain Resin. These items are available for purchase from the Marketboard, however, they are quite expensive.

Once you have these items, you can exchange them for the Water Otter Fountain permit. The permit is written permission for the construction of a sanctuary landmark that is used to unlock the Water Otter Fountain.

FFXIV: Otter Fountain
© Square Enix

Players can find this item in their inventory and click on it to get permission to construct the fountain.

Since the Water Otter Fountain is an expert recipe, it can be quite difficult to get the materials for it. You need the following materials:

Item name Materials required
Water Otter Fountain Hardware
  • 1 Igneous Glioaether
  • 2 Bismuth Ores
  • 1 Phrygian Gold Ore
  • 5 Earth Cluster Crystals
  • 5 Fire Cluster Crystals


Water Otter Fountain Resin
  • Aqueous Glioaether
  • 1 Dynamite Ash
  • 5 Water Cluster Crystals
  • 1 Sideritis Leaf
  • 5 Fire Cluster Crystals
Water Otter Fountain Lumber
  • 1 Verdurous Glioaether
  • 1 Snow Flax
  • 5 Wind Clusters
  • 1 Saiga Hide
  • 1 Red Pine Log
  • 5 Ice Clusters

Where to procure materials

There are several materials that you have to procure before you can craft the Water Otter Fountain. The following table lists how to get each material:

Material Where to acquire
Aqueous Glioaether It can be acquired using Aetherial Reduction on a Mayashell
Sideritis Leaves Players can find the material within the level 90 Lush Vegetation Patch to the west of Anagnorsis.
Igneous Glioaether You can acquire the material from Sublime Siderite, or, more rarely, from Prime Siderite
Phrygian Gold Ore This material can be obtained from level 85 Rocky Outcrop
Bismuth Ore You can find the material within level 85 Mineral Deposits
Verduous Glioaether This crafting material can only be reliably acquired from Sublime Crystalbloom via Aetherial Reduction
Snow Flax It can be sourced from the northern reaches of Ilsabard
Saiga Hide Players can obtain a hide by defeating a Saiga creature
Red Pine Log This can be found within the level 85 Mature Tree, just outside of Camp Broken Glass

What is the purpose of the Water Otter Fountain Landmark?

Landmarks in your FFXIV Island Sanctuary increase the total Groove Bonus that you can achieve by making workshop crafts, up to a maximum of 25. The higher your Groove Bonus is, the more your crafts will sell for.

Bear in mind that Groove resets at the beginning of a season.

Where should you place your Water Otter Fountain?

Once you have constructed your Water Otter Fountain, you can place it in specific landmark areas in your Island Sanctuary. The exact location of your fountain is for you to decide, as it is your Island, and you can customise it according to your preferences.

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