FFXIV: Mining guide

Players can become a Miner in FFXIV once they reach level 10 of the starter class quest; however, levelling the skill might be very time-consuming.


Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It was launched worldwide for PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows in August 2013, as a replacement for the unsuccessful 2010 version of the game. It was later released for the Mac operating system, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The game is set in the fictional world of Eorzea, five years after the events of the original 2010 release. At the end of the original game, the primal dragon, Bahamut escapes from its lunar prison to initiate the Seventh Umbral Calamity, an apocalyptic event that destroys most of Eorzea.

Thanks to the gods’ blessing, the players escape the devastation by time traveling five years into the future. As Eorzea rebuilds and recovers, players must face the impending threat of invasion by the Garlean Empire from the north.

FFXIV features a persistent world in which players are able to interact with each other and the environment. The game allows players to create and customize a digital avatar to enter the world.

Players are able to choose a name, gender, race, facial features and a starting class. Unlike the original game, players may only choose to be a Disciple of Magic or War. Disciples of the Land and Hand are initially locked.

In the game, players are able to participate in various activities. However, it is recommended that they first follow the main quests before participating in other adventures. Players are able to complete various side quests, class and job quests.

During their adventures in Eorzea, they may come across a Full Active Time Event, more popularly known as FATE. The game currently features various FATES. Players can thus either fight ravenous beasts or bandits, among others.

Once players have reached a certain level, they will be able to take on the Disciples of the Land and Hand jobs. Disciples of the Land are the harvesters. They procure materials from the lands of Eorzea and bring them to be used by the Disciples of the Hand.

The Disciples of the Hand have the ability to use materials to craft new objects. It is believed that they are the backbone of the Eorzean economy.

It is important to note that classes within this discipline do not participate in battle. Instead, they earn their levels by crafting various new items.

FFXIV: Mining guide

FFXIV players can become various classes in the Disciples of the Land, one of which is a Miner. They are responsible for the excavation and handling of Eorzea’s mineral wealth. This means that players will have to mine ores, precious stones and fossils, among others.

To fully master the advanced technique developed by the mining nation of Ul’dah, Miners undertake various tasks; from the careful prospecting of the most minute deposits, to the large-scale civil engineering.

Many players subscribe to the theory of continental drift, and take for their patron god, Oschon the Wanderer.

How to become a Miner

In order to become a Miner, players need to open their world map before selecting Thanalan. A new map will appear and players will have to travel to Ul’dah. Once they arrive at the location, they will need to go to the Steps of Thal.

In the southern area of the Steps of Thal, players will discover the Miner’s guild. It is important to note that players need to complete level 10 of their starter class quest before they can take on the Miner class.

How to level up the Mining skill

Players should remember that Miners gain levels by collecting minerals. Players should thus invest a lot of time farming resources. However, players will need to collect different minerals as they reach higher levels.

Level one to level 6

When players first become a Miner, they will start at level one. However, players are able to level up quite quickly if they farm the correct resources. It is recommended that they farm Ice Shards, Fire Shards, Wind Shards, Earth Shards, Lightning Shards and Water Shards.

Level seven to level 15

Once players have reached level seven, they will have to mine other resources to gain more levels. It is advised that level seven players mine Raw Lapis Lazuli, level nine players farm Zinc Ore, and level 10 players gather Potter’s Clay.

While level 13 players should farm Ragstone, level 14 players can mine Iron Ore and Iron Sands.

Level 15 to level 20

Players who have levelled their Mining skill to level 16 should mine Raw Malachite to obtain experience points, while level 17 players can farm Limestone and level 18 should obtain Raw Danburite. However, level 19 Miners should mine Sunrise Tellin and Alumen.

Level 20 to level 25

It is advised that level 20 players mine Mudstone to obtain the most experience points. Level 21 to Level 24 players should farm Earth Rock, Ice Rock and Wind Rock.

However, level 23 to level 25 Miners can obtain Fire Rock, Lightning Rock and Water Rock. Once players reach level 25, they can mine Silver Ore.

Level 26 to level 30

Level 26 to level 29 players should mine Bomb Ash. However, once players reach level 29, they should farm Brimstone, while level 30 players can move on to mining Stiltstone.

Level 31 to level 35

Level 31 to level 32 players can continue mining Stiltstone until they have reached level 33. It is recommended that level 33 Miners farm Raw Peridot to obtain the most experience points.

While level 34 players can mine Mythril Ore. Once players reached level 35, they should farm raw Aquamarine.

Level 36 to level 40

Players who have reached level 36 can farm raw Aquamarine until they have reached level 40. Players can then focus on farming Bomb Ash and Black Alumen.

Level 41 to level 45

It is recommended that players continue farming the Black Alumen and Bomb Ash until they reach level 43. Players can then farm Electrum Ore. However, level 44 Miners should farm Raw Amber until they reach level 45.

Level 46 to level 50

Once players reach level 46, they can focus on mining Grade Shroud Topsoil, Grade 2 La Noscean Topsoil and Grade 2 Thanalan Topsoil.

Level 46 to level 47 players can mine Basilisk Egg and Cobalt Ore, while level 50 Miners should farm Volcanic Rock Salt, Darksteel Ore and Gregarious Worm. Additionally, players can mine Ferberite, Gold Ore, Platinum Ore and Pumice.

Alternative method

Despite the above-mentioned levelling methods, players are able to level their mining skill by visiting various mining locations. The following table indicates what players can mine at the various locations:

Location Mining resources Details
Central Thanalan Copper ore Players will be able to find it just outside the Gate of Nald.
Western Thanalan Copper ore Players should head to the Gate of Sultana, leading to the city of Ul’dah.
Central Thanalan Tin and Zinc resources. Players will be able to find the minerals north of the Gate of Nald.
Western Thanalan Tin and Zinc Players can also find tin and zinc ore along the southern edge of Western Thanalan.
Western Thanalan Iron Ore Iron can be mined just outside the Copperbell Mines.
South Shroud Silver Ore Players can find Silver Ore just north of Camp Tranquil. The location is in between Buscarron’s ruthers and Buscarron’s Scar.
Southern Thanalan Mithril Ore Players can mine Mithril ore in the southernmost part of Southern Thanalan.
Upper La Noscea Electrum Ore Players can find Electrum ore in the Bronze Lake area, just to the south of Camp Bronze Lake
Northen Thanalan Cobalt Ore Miners will find Coblat ore in the Bluefog area of Northen Thanalan.
Coerthas Central Highlands Darksteel Ore It can be found at a node just south of Camp Dragonhead. However, it only spawns between 01:00 and 04:00 Eorzea Time.
Southern Thanalan


Platinum ore Players can find the mineral in the northen tip of Southern Thanalan. It is important to note that it only spawns between 04:00 and 07:00 Eorzea time.
Eastern Thanalan Gold ore The Gold Ore can be found in the cave near Burgundy Falls, but only between 9:00 and 12:00 Eorzea time.


Once players reach a certain level in FFXIV, they are able to choose to become either a Disciple of Land or a Disciple of Hand. The Disciples of Land features various classes, including Miners, Botanist and Fishers.

Miners are responsible for the excavation and handling of Eorzea’s mineral wealth. This means that players will have to mine precious stones, fossils and ores, among others, to level up.

In order to fully master the advanced technique developed by the great mining nation of Ul’dah, they undertake multiple tasks; from the careful prospecting of the most minute deposits, to the large-scale civil engineering.

Many miners subscribe to the theory of continental drift and take for their patron god, Oschon the Wanderer.

There are various methods players can level up their mining skills. Players can either farm minerals according to their level or visit mining locations to mine distinct minerals.

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