FFXIV: Island Sanctuary

FFXIV recently introduced the new Island Sanctuary activity, which is perfect for players who seek a taste of the slow life.

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is a popular video game that invites gamers to enjoy adventure and simulation elements. As the game’s name suggests, it is part of the classic Final Fantasy series, and hence, you can expect similar mechanics and gameplay.

However, in FFXIV, you can experience Eorzea like never before. There is an array of activities and features that you can enjoy in FFXIV, but it is recommended that you focus on the main storyline.

The game’s developer, Square Enix, occasionally introduces new content, activities, and quests into the game. With patch 6.2, it introduced the Island Sanctuary for those adventures seeking a taste of the slow life.

What is a patch?

Patches repair any issues that have come to light after the game’s official launch. They are essentially short-term fixes for urgent problems, while game updates tend to be planned in advance for less pressing issues.

However, patches can also introduce new features, content, or activities to a game. After a patch has been released, players have to download it before they can launch the game.

During the download, the patch is applied to the game, which fixes the issues and releases new content that is introduced with that patch.

FFXIV: Island Sanctuary

The highly anticipated Island Sanctuary has finally been introduced to FFXIV and it breaks off from the main content.

It gives players the opportunity to explore, customise, and create their own instanced island. Gathering materials, building a base of operations, and attending to animals are part of your new responsibilities.

FFXIV: Island Sanctuary
© Square Enix

It is noteworthy that you can only unlock Sanctuary Island if you have completed the main story quest, Endwalker. If you have yet to complete it, you should focus on the main story quest to progress in the game.

If you have completed it, you can talk to the Clueless Crier non-player-character (NPC) to get the quest, Seeking Sanctuary. After starting it, you have to complete a small sequence of quests that introduce the island.

Once you have unlocked your Island, you can travel to it by speaking to Baldin in Lower La Noscea, however, you must be in your home world to do this. Players can visit their acquaintances’ islands by speaking to the same NPC.

The Islekeep’s Index is a crucial part of the Island Sanctuary, as it has everything that you need to interact with the island. This index allows you to craft tools, cook food, gather materials, and place your helpers in specific regions, among other things.

FFXIV: Island Sanctuary
© Square Enix

Players should note that the island is an independent part of the game, which enables them to acquire materials to craft items and build facilities. You can sell these items for special currencies, namely Islander’s Crowrie and Seafarer’s Crowrie.

Although enjoying this new feature is not mandatory, it is an alternative method to access items that would normally cost Gil.

What can players do at their Island Sanctuary?

There are many activities that you can enjoy on your island, however, you should first complete the Island quests. While exploring the island, you will come across the Cozy Cabin, which is the main building. In the building there are important NPCs, who sell items in exchange for currencies.

In the same area, you can find the Cropland, which allows you to cultivate a range of plants. Players can also discover the Pasture, which is home to your animals. Additionally, you can produce handicrafts in the workshop and procure buffs by visiting landmarks.

FFXIV: Island Sanctuary
© Square Enix

Can you capture animals on Island Sanctuary?

Players can capture and raise animals on their Island Sanctuary, but some animals are more difficult to find than others. To spawn a rare animal that has a weather and time requirement, you should have no other players on your island, and you should leave before the weather changes.

You should then wait 5 game minutes past the rare monster’s spawn time before logging back into your island. Players can then find a rare animal.

The table below lists some of the rare animals you can find, and their requirements:

Animal Spawn time Weather conditions
Beachcomb 12:00 to 3:00 Rain
Paissa 12:00 to 3:00 Fair skies
Black Chocobo Not applicable Clear skies
Dodo of Paradise 15:00 to 18:00 Not applicable

Island Sanctuary tips

Once you have unlocked your island, it is advisable that you gather all the resources you can find. Moreover, make sure you have a handful of nets in different sizes in your inventory, so that you can make multiple attempts at catching rare monsters.

Players should balance their island with workshops and granaries, because you can send out your workers when you have granaries on your island.

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