FFXIV: Ishgardian Restoration guide

In Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), players can partake in the Ishgardian Restoration in order to reconstruct the Firmament; they can either be Disciples of the Land or the Hand.

FFXIV: Ishgardian Restoration guide

The aftermath of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) second expansion sees parts of Ishgardian, Heavensward’s main location, destroyed.

The Ishgardian Restoration is an activity that combines the contributions of Disciples of the Land and Hand to reconstruct the Firmament. The Firmament was demolished during the Dragonsong war.

The restoration rewards some of the most desired cosmetics items in the game, including furniture pieces, emotes and dyes, among others. Even though collecting enough restoration scrips to purchase these rewards can be time-consuming, it is worth doing.

How to unlock the Ishgardian Restoration aspect

A player can start the Restoration after completing Heavensward’s main story. The story concludes with Litany of Peace, and players can then pick up Toward the Firmament.

However, players need at least one Disciple of Land or Hand class at level 20 to accept the quest. Completing the quest will give players access to the Firmament. Players will also be introduced to the relevant nonplayer characters (NPCs).

Disciplines of Land: The Diadem

Players will do all their running around in the Diadem either with a party or solo. Diadem is a set of floating, interconnected island that can only be accessed by speaking with Aurvael. One thing to remember is that gatherable items do not vary by island.

Upon arrival, players will notice a series of bars on the upper left corner of the screen. The bars will begin to fill up as players gather.

Each filled bar represents one shot of the Aetheromatic Augur, also known as the bazooka. The bazooka can be used to one-shot any monster wondering around the Diadem.

Even though the monsters are not aggressive, killing them rewards the player with a sizeable amount of Skybuilders’ resources. So, it is always worth chasing down the nearest Islekeeper once the player has a shot charged

Higher-level players will want to pay attention to when the weather begins to change. There are four Umbral weather types in the Diadem.

Each type corresponds to a special single-use gathering node that is only available for 10 minutes. These conditions will occur every 20 minutes. Miners will detect nodes during the Umbral Levin and Dustorms, while Botanists get Umbral Flare and Tempest.

Players can also fish in the Diadem, but it is not as movement-heavy as the other gathering classes. Bait can be bought from the merchant at the starting zone.

Players can start skyfishing at one of four locations. Fishers will get a chance to catch a rare fish hook during an Umbral weather condition at Calm, Windswept, Blustery and Swirling.

Once the player has had enough of gathering, they can leave the Diadem like they would have left any duty. Players can hand in their resources at the NPC next to Aurvael.

The NPC will reward the player with Restoration Scrips, and return approved versions of their materials. These materials can be used to craft Restoration-specific items.

Disciplines of Hand: Crafting

Crafters will receive recipes for The Restoration once they reach level 20 on any crafting class. These can be found under the “Special Recipe” section of the player’s crafting log.

Players will make use of Approved Skybuilders’ materials, as well as regular crafting materials such as Iron Ore. Players can buy approved Skybuilders’ materials on the market board for relatively cheap.

Crafted Skybuilders’ items will always be collectables. This means that players do not need to have the collectables’ ability unlocked to contribute.

These can be treated as any normal crafting item. Players can use their quality synthesis actions to get the item’s collectability where they want it.

Once the player has finished crafting, they can go ahead and turn the items in to Potkin for scrips. Players will notice that some items will have a stamp icon next to them.

Turning in these marked items will earn the player a stamp on their Kupo of Fortune card. This can be redeemed with Lizbeth for a chance to earn further rewards.

The Kupo of Fortune card will give the player a chance at five possible rewards. The scratcher will be split into a single square and a group of three.

The single square will guarantee one of the middling to second-tier awards, whereas chancing one of the three squares gives the player a shot at the rarest of items.

Scrips can be exchanged for Restoration-exclusive rewards when interacting with Enie.

Global Server Progress

In the next step of FFXIV‘s The Restoration, all crafted resources will begin to add points to the player’s Restoration stockpile.

Each world has their own, and players may find themselves in a race to see which server can complete their projects and fill up the stockpile first. Players can also compete against one another to dominate the contribution scoreboard.

The Concerted Works activity will become available a few hours after the stockpile is filled. These events will always occur at an appointed hour. This means that players can check and schedule their playtime around when it will occur.

The activity is like FATE for crafters and gathers. It will reward participants with huge amounts of experience points and scrips. Progress toward concerted works, as well as what the activity will entail, can be checked on the Skybuilders’ board.

Concluding Concerted Works will cause small changes to appear in the Firmament. As the reconstruction progresses, FFXIV players are able to participate in larger scale works, which will dramatically change the Firmament.

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