FFXIV: How to get to Western Thanalan

Players can travel to Western Thanalan in FFXIV using several transportation methods, though some of them are more expensive than others.

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is a popular video game that invites you to indulge yourself into the persistent world of Eorzea. The game is part of the classic Final Fantasy series, so you will likely experience similar gameplay and mechanics throughout the series.

Unlike its predecessors, FFXIV is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, which means that you can enjoy its content with like-minded people.

The game takes place 5 years after the Bahamut, the primal dragon caused by an apocalyptic event that nearly destroyed the world. Fortunately, you escaped the catastrophe by time traveling into the future.

While rebuilding the realm, you can explore the vast open world, which contains various locations. One of the regions you can visit is Western Thanalan, but it can be complicated to travel to.

Locations in FFXIV

The primary location in the game is Eorzea, which consists of Aldenard, one of the Three Great Continents and Vylbrand, an island southwest of the mainland. There are more than 10 regions that you can explore in Eorzea.

Each location contains unique monsters that you can defeat, numerous quests to complete, and a few points of interest for you to explore.

It is noteworthy that when you create a new character, you spawn in a specific location. This is because your character’s class determines your starting location in FFXIV.

However, that does not mean that you cannot leave the region to explore other areas of the game. If you follow the main story arc, you will travel to many locations.

FFXIV: How to get to Western Thanalan

One location you can explore in FFXIV is Western Thanalan, which is a level 1 to level 25 zone. It is situated directly west of Ul’dah and straddling the coastline of the Rhotano Sea. It offers players access to Ul’dah and Central Thanalan.

You can also take a ferry to Limsa Lominsa from the western ferry dock. It is imperative to note that this means that players can get to Western Thanalan by traveling through Ul’dah and Central Thanalan.

You cannot walk from Limsa Lominsa to Western Thanalan, so you have to use the ferry to access the region. Alternatively, players can travel by airship once this feature is unlocked.

If you are yet to gain access to the airship transportation mode, you should progress in the main storyline quests. Even if traveling by airship is quick and easy, it can be expensive, and as such, players prefer to travel with the ferry, which is cheaper.

Western Thanalan has numerous points of interest for you to discover, namely:

Area Points of Interest
Cape Westwind
  • Castrum Marinum
  • Parata’s Peace
  • Imperial Outpost
The Footfalls
  • Vesper Bay
  • The Silent King
  • Ferry Docks
  • Chocobo Porter
Horizon’s edge
  • Sunset Gate
  • Copperbell Mines
  • Sunrise Gate
  • The East Hammer
  • Beaconhill Lighthouse
  • The Silver Bazaar
  • Scorpion Crossing
The Eighty Sins of Sasamo
  • Gate of the Sultana
FFXIV: How to get to Western Thanalan
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It is advisable that you explore all the points of interest, complete the main quests and attempt the dungeon before heading to the next area of FFXIV.

Western Thanalan FATES

Like in other regions, players can complete various Full Active Time Events (FATEs) in Western Thanalan. FATEs are dynamic scenarios that often involve boss battles and escort missions. Complete these missions to earn experience points, Grand Company Seals and Gil.

Your character has to be on a specific level to access FATEs:

Level FATE name
5 Needles to Slay
8 Deface the Facts
10 Pound for Pound
13 Bigger Fish to Fry
22 Tripped up by the Fruit of Another

Copperbell Mines

While exploring Western Thanalan you are likely to discover the Copperbell Mines, which is one of the many dungeons in the game. Players must complete the dungeon as part of the main story quest line. You will only get the quest between level 17 and level 20.

The dungeon requires a party of 4 players, as it features 3 powerful bosses with unique mechanics. Additionally, you have to defeat enemies, including Spriggans and bombs. The bosses you have to defeat are Kottos the Gigas, Ichorous Ire, and Gyges the Great.

Shops and services in Western Thanalan

Western Thanalan features a variety of shops and services for you to use while exploring the region. This means that you do not have to travel to the starting city to purchase items or to repair your gear. You can find vendors in these locations:

Merchant name Coordinates
Goberin X:12.1 y:15
Independent Armorfitter X:12.2 y:14.6
Merchant and Mender X:25.6 y:24.1

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