FFXIV: Housing

In FFXIV, players can either purchase a private estate or make use of their Free Company’s estate to enjoy the housing system.


You are invited to interact with the other players and with the game environment of this thrilling video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). As the name of the game suggests, it is part of the Final Fantasy series, so you will likely experience similar content and mechanics in the persistent world of Eorzea.

All players have the opportunity to create and customise a character before stepping into the imaginative universe. You can choose the character’s facial features, name, race, and voice, amongst other things.

Once you have completed your character, you have to complete a tutorial quest before you can enjoy the numerous activities the game offers.

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Why are activities important?

According to research, having a variety of activities offer players diverse content, which is likely to keep them engaged and interested in the game. Furthermore, it will increase the chances that different types of people find something they enjoy in FFXIV.

It is worth noting that some activities and features will initially be locked, but you can unlock them once you meet the specific requirements to do so. This serves as a way to motivate players to play the game more frequently, for longer periods of time.

The game occasionally hosts events that usually occur only for a certain time period. During this time, players have to complete specific tasks to earn rare and desirable rewards. This is another way that the game endeavours to keep players interested in the game.

FFXIV: Housing

There are numerous activities in FFXIV that players can enjoy, one of which is the housing system. It enables players to procure a private estate that they can share with members of their Free Company.

However, individual estates, apartment complexes, and different housing zones were later introduced into the game.

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Keep in mind that there are certain requirements that you have to meet before you can own or share a house. For free company estates, the company must be at least Rank 3 with their patron Grand Company to be authorised for land purchased.

Individual buyers must have at least 1 class at level 50 and have a Second lieutenant rank within their Grand Company. In both cases, you can purchase an empty plot of land by examining the placard.

Once the purchase has been successfully completed, you have to acquire a construction permit before you can build an estate hall.

You can customise the entirety of the estate, including the roof, windows, doors, and walls. Moreover, players can decorate the interior of their estate by selecting furnishings, lights, and ornaments to place inside it, among others.

Players can also place a Chocobo stable, an Aetheryte crystal, and summon bells for retainers in the estate.

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What are Free Companies?

Free Companies are player-run organisations that facilitate cooperation between individuals. To create a Free Company, you have to submit a Free Company petition after procuring signatures from at least 3 other players.

Alternatively, you can join any Free Company, regardless of the Grand Company you are sworn to. There are various benefits to being part of a Free Company, one of which is the chest where members can store items and gills.

Some Free Company actions grant its members bonuses such as an increased experience points. However, the best benefit is the ability to purchase estates and build residences that serve as a base of operations.

House styles

The purchasable houses come in a variety of styles that are determined by the plot size, construction size, and the zone it is in. The default housing walls for the zones of The Lavender Beds, The Goblet, and The Mists are Glade, Oasis, and Riviera, respectively.

Every wall type features Wood, Stone, or Composite as a construction style. However, in Shirogane, the default housing style is Hingan, with the styles of Kura-zukuri, Nanpu, and Mokuzo.

Keep in mind that additional exterior styles can be created through company workshops, which have a range of themes. The themes that they have include, but are not limited to:

  • Half-timbered
  • Trader
  • Odder Otter
  • Chocobo
  • Outfitter
  • Shirogane Castle
  • Arms Supplier
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Housing features

Once you have gained access to a house, whether it is a shared or private estate, there will be new features to enjoy. The following table lists some of the features and a description of each:

Feature Description

Access control

The Free Company leader or private homeowner may set guest access rules. This means that you can decide which areas or features guests or company members have access to.


Players can place garden beds as outdoor furnishing. You will be able to grow and cultivate various crops in these patches.


You can install an aquarium in the estate to display certain types of fish gathered by fishers. Keep in mind that the type of fish that can be placed depends on the water installed.

Final thoughts

FFXIV is an adventurous video game that allows players to create and customise a character before stepping into the world of Eorzea. As the name suggests, it is part of the Final Fantasy series, therefore, you can enjoy similar activities and features throughout the series.

One of the features you can enjoy is the housing system. It allows players to purchase an estate and build a house according to their liking.

Moreover, you can customise your house by decorating it with an array of items. Alternatively, you can make use of your Free Company’s estate if they have one.

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