FFXIV: Heardle

Final Fantasy XIV players were able to put their knowledge about the game’s music to the test in the FFXIV Heardle, however, the website is currently unavailable.

You can interact with other players and with the environment in this exciting video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). As the game’s name suggests, it is the fifteenth instalment of the Final Fantasy series, and as such, you will likely encounter similar gameplay and mechanics in all of them.

Since it was released more than a decade after the original Final Fantasy version, players can enjoy better graphics and scenery.

The game contains a variety of activities and occasional events that players can enjoy. Some features can initially be locked, but you will get access to them once you have met the necessary requirements.

In addition to the in-game activities, FFXIV has expanded their horizons and now offers fans activities to enjoy outside of the game, including a FFXIV Heardle.

What is Heardle?

Heardle is a popular game that helps people relieve stress and anxiety by diverting their minds. Inspired by Wordle, the game is designed to rejuvenate your mood with beautiful visuals and relaxing music.

The game gives players a hint to a song, ranging from classic to electrifying mixed music. You then have a certain number of chances to guess the name of the song. The musical game was initially designed for a small group of people, but it became an overnight sensation.

FFXIV: Heardle
© Square Enix

FFXIV: Heardle

FFXIV players can explore a beautifully illustrated world as they go about their explorations. Fans of the series are likely well versed in their knowledge of the music in the Final Fantasy game.

You can put your Final Fantasy music knowledge to the test by playing FFXIV Heardle. If you are interested in playing FFXIV Heardle, you simply have to open the website.

Once you are on the website, you have to listen to the intro before you can find the correct song in the list. Players should note that they get 6 guesses to name the song correctly. Every time you guess a song incorrectly, you will hear more of the track.

FFXIV: Heardle
© Square Enix

To succeed in the game, you have to guess the song correctly within the number of given attempts. FFXIV Heardle is fairly easy, as you only need to click the play button at the center of the screen to play the song.

It is worth noting that you can skip the song if you do not know it, but this will cost 1 of your guesses in exchange for the next snippet of the song.

Players can replay a part of the song over and over again until they have figured out the name of the song. FFXIV Heardle works best on mobile platforms as it is a bit bugged on desktops.

Because it is a small project, the website can sometimes be overwhelmed with players. It is advisable that you are patient if it is not available when you open the website.

Is FFXIV Heardle still available?

FFXIV Heardle was released on 8 April 2022, and it became extremely popular. Although FFXIV players enjoyed the FFXIV Heardle a lot, it is alleged that the website has since been taken down.

That being said, players can still select the link when they are searching for the FFXIV Heardle, however, the website does not load. This means that you will see a blank screen and you will not be able to enjoy the game.

That being said, Spotify recently purchased Heardle to help players discover new music and rediscover music they have forgotten. It is unclear whether Spotify will launch the FFXIV version of Heardle in the near future or not.

Did Spotify ruin Heardle?

Even though Heardle’s acquisition by Spotify means that the game will now have more music for users to guess, some users believe that Spotify has ruined Heardle.

The transition to ownership has not been smooth as players have reported that they have lost all their Heardle progress and statistics. Fortunately, Spotify has addressed the issue and is attempting to solve the problem.

What are the differences between Heardle and Wordle?

There are several differences players may notice between Wordle and Heardle. For instance, users have to listen to music instead of guessing a word in Heardle.

Furthermore, you do not get hints if you answer a part correctly, like you do in Wordle. Players can also use the search bar to find song names much more easily in Heardle.

As previously mentioned, you can replay each clip as many times as you want to to figure out the name of the song. However, your score will be affected if you request an extended clip of the song.

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