One of the NPCs you can find in FFXIV is Gaia, who can also be fought during the Eden raids.

Gamers are invited to indulge themselves in the fictional world of Eorzea in this adventurous video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV).

The game is part of the well-renowned Final Fantasy franchise, which means that you are likely to enjoy similar content, gameplay, and mechanics throughout the series.

FFXIV contains an array of activities and occasional in-game events for you to participate in. However, it is recommended that you focus on advancing in the main story line before enjoying other features.

As you progress in the game, you can interact with different non-player characters (NPCs), one of which is Gaia.

What is an NPC?

An NPC is any character in a game that is not controlled by a human being. The term stems from traditional tabletop role-playing games where it refers to characters controlled by the gamemaster, rather than by another player.

However, in video games, the term refers to characters that are controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). These characters usually have a predetermined set of behaviours that can potentially impact your gameplay.

NPCs can be integral characters or fringe characters populated to add depth to a vast open world. The behaviour of an NPC is almost always scripted, while the NPC’s actions are often activated by human-controlled characters.


One of the NPCs you will come across in FFXIV is Gaia, who appears in the FFXIV: Shadowbringers expansion as a relevant character in the Eden raids’ storyline. In her previous life, Gaia was the Ascian who held the title of Loghrif.

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Gaia and her protector, Mitron, were tasked with preventing the flood of light on the First. However, Emet-Selch instructed them to bring about a Calamity. Although Gaia was nearly successful in destroying the First in a flood of light, she was killed before the flood.

Fortunately, she was reincarnated a century later as a girl born in Eulmore. A voice contacted her, which was later revealed to be an incapacitated Mitron, who erased most of her memories while tasking her with freeing him from his sin-eater form, Eden.

Gaia makes her presence known shortly after Ryne reactivates Eden. The Warrior defeats her, and she loses consciousness once Mitron’s hold on her decreases. Thancred Waters then takes her into the Scions’ custody to speak with her when she regains consciousness.

After speaking to her, he takes Gaia to Mord Souq, with all her luggage from Eulmore. While exploring the town, she discovers that she has powerful, but uncontrollable dark magic that speaks to her in her mind.

Trapped in the emptiness of her mind, Gaia faces numerous situations, such as befriending Ryne, accepting the party’s presence, and finding out that Mitron used her for his own benefit.

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After attempting to restore Gaia’s previous memories, Mitron decides that Eden should absorb her and uses the aether to transform their Ascian Prime form into Eden’s Promise.

Unfortunately, the transformation kills him, and releases an unconscious Gaia back into the Empty.

Once she regains consciousness, her memories of Ryne and the others slowly return. Gaia decides not to look into her past identity and focuses on the future and helping others instead.

Gaia’s appearance

Gaia has waist-length dark, curly hair with bright blue eyes and plump lips, and her face is covered in heavy makeup. Her outfit represents the gothic-era with an all-black ensemble featuring a gown with large, baggy sleeves and platform boots.

As the Voidwalker, Gaia wears a full suit of silver and blue armour that hides her features. In this form, she attacks nearby enemies with a sword. Although Gaia’s exact age is unknown, it is alleged that she is the same age, or slightly older than Ryne, who is 15.

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Can Gaia be fought in FFXIV?

Players will get the opportunity to enter a battle against Gaia while advancing in FFXIV. As the Voidwalker, Gaia serves as a boss in the Eden’s Gate: Descent raid, as well as its Savage Mode. However, she later appears during the Eden’s Verse: Refulgence raid, at which time players have to save her friend.

Gaia, as Loghrif, can also be fought in the second half of Eden’s Promise: Eternity in the Savage Mode. In this case, she is known as the Oracle of Darkness.


In FFXIV, Raids are endgame activities that players can enjoy. There are 8-player and 24-player varieties, however, the latter is called alliance raids. With the exception of The Crystal Tower raid series, raids are not a requirement to complete the main storyline of the game.

This means that endgame players can complete raids to test their characters’ abilities while having fun with like-minded gamers.

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