FFXIV: Exarchic gear

There are different types of gear you can find in Final Fantasy XIV, one of which is the Exarchic set, and you have to increase its item level.


Players can enjoy various elements and activities in this popular video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). It is part of the Final Fantasy series, which means that you will experience similar content, mechanics, features, and gameplay throughout the video games.

It is set in the same popular Final Fantasy fictitious universe, in which you can interact with both other players and the environment.

Every player gets the opportunity to create and customise an avatar when they play the game for the first time. This means that you can select your character’s facial expressions, hairstyle and colour, name, and gender.

As you complete the tutorial mission, you will get your character’s first gear sets, however, they will only use them for a short period of time.

Why is gear important?

Gear and weapons may seem like a simple feature, but they play quite a significant role in the game. This is because gear can improve your character’s statistics and skills. Subsequently, the character will become more powerful, which can alter your overall gameplay.

Some of the gear sets are meant to be used in early game. Since the content is not very difficult at this point, the gear does not have to be very strong.

However, other sets are specifically designed for endgame content, which is much more difficult to complete. Players should also upgrade and improve their gear regularly, depending on where they are in the game.

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FFXIV: Exarchic gear

FFXIV currently features more than 20 gear sets, one of which is Exarchic. Similarly to other gear sets, Exarchic contains body gear, main and off-hand weapons, as well as accessories.

Furthermore, it is divided into different categories, such as fending, aiming, and scouting. Every category is intended to be used by specific types of characters.

Exarchic gear is allegedly much better than the Edenmete gear set, because Exarchic gear can go through the Penta-meld process. Players who have just reached level 80 and want to catch up with gear should consider using a Exarchic gear set.

It is quite easily acquirable, as you can purchase it at the Marketboard or you can craft it yourself if you have all the necessary materials.

It is advised that players purchase or craft the high-quality gear, as it possesses better statistics. Moreover, you should increase the item level to 510 as soon as possible to receive the most benefits from it.

FFXIV: Exarchic gear
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What are the Exarchic categories?

As previously mentioned, the Exarchic gear set has a range of sub-categories that are meant to be used by specific characters. The following table lists the sub-categories and the types of characters that should use them:

Subcategory Types of characters


· Paladins

· Warriors

· Dark Knights

· Gunbreakers


· Dragoons


· Monks

· Samurai


· Ninja


· Bards

· Machinists

· Dancers


· White Mages

· Scholars

· Astrologians


· Black Mages

· Red Mages

· Blue Mages

· Summoners

FFXIV: Exarchic gear
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It is worth noting that all the subcategories of the Exarchic gear set have unique appearances. Other players can thus distinguish your class according to the style of your gear.

What is Penta-meld?

Penta-melding, also known as over-melding or advanced melding, is a technique that enables players to attach up to 5 materia in gear pieces. Although only some of the gear in the game can go through the penta-melding process.

In order to penta-meld an item, you first have to unlock the ability. Players will have to complete the Melding Materia Muchly quest, which is available from Mutamix Bubblypots, situated in Central Thanalan.

Players should keep in mind that they should be on level 25 and have to complete the Walking the Spirit quest before they can gain access to this specific quest

Can players get Augmented Exarchic gear?

Once you have obtained high-quality Exarchic gear, you can upgrade it from item-level 510 to item-level 520, by procuring Augmented Exarchic gear. To do this, you have to get Crystalline Rain from exchanging the Allagan Tomestone of Allegory.

It is worth noting that each Crystalline requires 100 Tombstones. When you have acquired enough Crystalline, you should unequip your gear and talk to Hillicen. Players should select ‘Earn Eulmoran Certificate of Grandeur’ if they want to exchange high-quality gear.

You should then choose the items you want to exchange to get enough certificates. After you have acquired enough certificates, you can talk to Hillicen again and purchase the Augmented Exarchic gear.

FFXIV: Exarchic gear
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Final thoughts

FFXIV is a popular video game that invites players to customise their own character before stepping into a persistent gaming world.

As the name suggests, the game forms part of the Final Fantasy series, which means you will experience similar content and mechanics throughout it.

There are more than 20 gear sets in the game, one of which is the Exarchic gear set. Your character will benefit from increased statistics while wearing this set.

Keep in mind that there are different subcategories for you to choose from, however, it is generally determined by your character’s job.

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