FFXIV: Creamy Oyster

You can find the Creamy Oyster in the Western Part of the Kholusia coastline in FFXIV, however, you have to be level 70 in the fishing skill line.

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is an exciting video game that invites gamers to experience role-playing and simulation elements. Since the game is part of the classic Final Fantasy series, you will likely encounter similar gameplay and mechanics.

Unlike its predecessors, FFXIV is a massively multiplayer online game, so you can enjoy its content with like-minded people.

In FFXIV, there are a variety of activities and occasional in-game events that you can participate in. Some of these activities, like fishing, can be levelled up.

However, to increase your fishing skill, you have to complete quests, which usually require you to catch several fish, including a Creamy Oyster.


Fishers are the harvesters of the world’s freshwater and marine animal resources. The fishing trade became popular in the nation of Limsa Lominsa, owing to the plentiful water in and around Vylbrand Island.

To become a Fisher, players must be a Disciple of War or at a Magic class level of 10 or above. If you meet these requirements, you can pick up the quest from the Fisherman’s Guild, in Limsa Lominsa.

After completing the starter quest, you can level up your fishing skill line by collecting experience points. It is wise to save your Level Quests for when you reach higher levels, as they are more beneficial at a later stage.

FFXIV: Creamy Oyster

Once you have reached level 70, you can unlock the Crystarium Deliveries, which is a unique type of quest that requires that you acquire a specific item.

Each Disciple of the Hand or Land can progress through 1 of 5 series of quests associated with the varying facets of the Crystalline Mean.

Each delivery requires 6 turn-ins of between 1 and 3 items. Although the items range in quality, each individual turn-in must consist of matching quality.

As a Fisher, you will progress through The Facet of Fishing line, but you should keep in mind that your fishing level must be level 70 to unlock these quests.

One of the marine resources you have to collect to complete a quest for a Crystarium Delivery is a Creamy Oyster. Players can find the Creamy Oysters in Kholusia, but it is recommended that you head to the coordinates X:8, Y:32.

FFXIV: Creamy Oyster
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At these coordinates, you will find a watering hole that contains a variety of marine life. To catch a Creamy Oyster, you need the Moyebi Shrimp Bait. Once you have the bait, it is a matter of casting your line and waiting for the fish to bite.

It is crucial to note that the game has a random-number-generator (RNG) feature. This means that there is a chance that you could catch other fish as well.

This also means that there is no guarantee that you will catch a Creamy Oyster after a certain amount of time. Some players catch the oyster within 5 minutes, and others catch it after 1 hour.

The Facet of Fishing

In order to complete quests for The Facet of Fishing, you need to unlock the Crystalline Delivery feature. To do so, your character must be level 70 in either a Disciple of Land or Hand class.

Moreover, you have to finish the level 72 Main Scenario Quests as well as The Crystarium’s Resolve and Inscrutable Tastes.

When you have completed the prerequisites, you can start The Facet of Fishing questline, which has 3 main quests:

Quest Level
Well Eel Be Damned 70
Fishing for Confidence 75
Morsel of the Deep 80

How to get Moyebi Shrimp

It is essential that you select the Moyebi Shrimp bait to catch a Creamy Oyster. If you select any other bait, the chances of catching an oyster will be extremely slim. Players can purchase the Moyebi Shrimp bait from most vendors in the Shadowbringers areas.

You can get it at Mord Souq, Eulmore and in Kholusia. It is advisable that you purchase multiple Moyebi Shrimps, as you can then attract other fish with it.

How to level up your fishing skill quickly

If you want to level up your fishing skill quickly, it is recommended that you participate in Ocean Fishing. Players can unlock Ocean Fishing when they become Fishers.

Every 2 hours, the non-player character (NPC), Dryskthota, invites all able-bodied Fishers to go on an epic fishing adventure onboard the Endeavor.

The ship will stop by a number of locations, and at each location, you are given 7 minutes to catch as many fish as possible. There is a vendor on the ship that sells an array of baits and lures, including unique types that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

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