FFXIV: Bird mounts

FFXIV players can acquire Bird mounts by defeating bosses in several extreme trials, though the drop rate is quite low.

Players can enjoy numerous activities and elements in this well-renowned video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV).

As the game’s name suggests, it is from the classic Final Fantasy series and as such, you will experience similar content, features, zones, and non-player characters throughout the video games.

FFXIV takes place in the popular Final Fantasy fictitious world, Eorzea. In the persistent world, you can interact with the environment and with other players.

There are various zones and areas you can explore while advancing in the game. Discovering new areas and traveling to quests can take some time, but luckily, you can use a bird mount to get there quicker.

Why are mounts important?

Although mounts may appear to be a simple feature to some players, they play a significant role in your gameplay.

Mounts in FFXIV makes exploring much easier while reducing traveling time. This is because mounts are generally faster than your character, so it will take you less time to travel to locations.

Mounts also give players a sense of achievement, as some mounts can only be procured by completing specific quests or reaching certain objectives. You thus feel a sense of accomplishment when you have collected the mount after defeating a powerful boss.

FFXIV: Bird mounts

FFXIV enables players to collect a variety of things, including mounts and minions. Bear in mind that some of the rarer mounts can only be acquired after completing difficult tasks. The bird mounts, also known as Lanner mounts, are allegedly quite difficult to collect.

If you have heard this strange music playing birds with their unique effects, then you likely want to start riding around on one yourself.

The only way to collect a bird mount is by fighting the game’s bosses to an extreme and having the random-number-generator (RNG) take your side at the end.

Since the mounts are randomly distributed, there is no guarantee that you will get a mount after defeating a boss. It is recommended that you unlock all of the boss battles’ extreme versions before farming the mount.

To do this, your character must at least be on level 60, and you have to complete the final quest in the Heavensward expansion.

The Lanner mounts and which extreme trial you have to complete to collect it are outlined below as follows:

Mount Extreme trial
Dark Lanner The Minstrel’s Ballad: Nidhogg’s Rage
Round Lanner The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign
Rose Lanner Thok ast Thok
Demonic Lanner Containment Bay Z1T9
Sophic Lanner Containment Bay P1T6
Warring Lanner Containment Bay S1T7
White Lanner The Limitless Blue

It is advisable that players do not get discouraged if they do not receive the whistle at first. Farming these mounts can take a few hours.

How to farm the Lanner mounts quickly

It is recommended that you team up with a high-level friend and fight all the trials while unsynced. This will help remove any competition for the mount, and it may even be faster than trying to fight the bosses while level synced.

Bear in mind that entering the battle without a healer or an additional damage healer can be difficult, so it is advisable that you have these classes in your party.

You should also consider learning the bosses’ mechanics, as they have their own signature actions that can cause you to lose the battle.

Firebird mount

Once you have collected all 7 Lanner Mounts, you can collect the Firebird mount, but you first have to complete a quest. Players can accept the Fiery Wings, Fiery Heart quest by talking to Walking Atlas in Idyllshire.

The quest is very simple, as you only have to travel to a designated location and blow the whistle to summon the Firebird. Unlike other Lanner mounts, the Firebird has no dedicated walking animations. This means that the mount visually stays airborne even when grounded.

FFXIV: Bird mounts
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Extreme Trials

FFXIV currently has 2 trial modes, including story-mode trials and extreme trials. It is alleged that some of the game’s most challenging edamame content is extreme trials that are available to players at level cap.

Extreme trials put players against much more difficult versions of bosses they have previously faced in the story-mode trial. However, more difficult content yields better rewards.

One of the rewards for clearing challenging content is mounts. But keep in mind that the drop chance for mounts is extremely low. This means that players should expect to perform multiple clears before getting a mount.

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