FFXIV: Before the Dawn

In FFXIV, players have to speak to a guard in Coerthas Central Highlands to complete the Before the Dawn quest.


Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is a thrilling video game that allows players to discover the persistent world of Eorzea. As its name suggests, the game is part of the Final Fantasy series, which means you will experience the same mechanics, features, and gameplay in all its games.

When you play the game for the first time, you will have to create and customise a character before completing a tutorial mission.

You will then be able to enjoy a variety of activities and in-game events, such as improving your skills, gathering resources, making friends, and joining powerful guilds.

FFXIV: Before the Dawn
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What is the objective of quests?

It is recommended that you first focus on completing some main quests before you enjoy the game’s other features. The main questline will be available to you once you have completed the tutorial mission.

As you advance in the game, you will discover numerous side quests. Keep in mind that these quests are not mandatory, however, players will receive rewards for completing them.

The objective of quests is to get experience, which is needed to reach the next level. Your character will become stronger and more powerful as you reach higher levels. Furthermore, you can receive awesome rewards for completing quests, some of which include gear and weapons, among others.

FFXIV: Before the Dawn

There are various quest-lines you can complete while playing FFXIV, but it is advisable that you first focus on the main storyline. One of the main quests you can complete is Before the Dawn.

Its official description reads, “…there are few things more precious than unconditional support, especially in times of trouble.”

FFXIV: Before the Dawn
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You can pick up this quest by talking to Haurchefant, who is located in Coerthas Central Highlands. It is worth noting, though, that you have to at least be on level 50 to gain access to this quest. Additionally, you first have to complete The Parting Glass quest before starting Before the Dawn.

This quest must be completed before players can access the Heavensward Main Scenario Quests and areas. This is because several cut scenes and credits for A Realm Reborn will play after you have entered the intercessory.

To complete this quest and receive rewards, players have to speak with the House Fortemps Guard, named Elezen, who is situated in Coerthas Central Highlands.

FFXIV: Before the Dawn
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As mentioned above, you can receive great rewards for completing quests, but you will only receive experience, an achievement, and 10 000 Gil, the in-game currency, for completing Before the Dawn.

Luckily, there are many things you can spend your Gil on. Using Gil to level armour, weapons, tools, and accessories is one of the most accessible options, especially for new players.

Even though you can craft your gear, it is recommended that you buy gear from the Marketplace if you have enough Gil to spend. Alternatively, you can purchase glamour items, collectables, consumables, or crafting materials.

Follow-up quests

Completing Before the Dawn will unlock more than 20 additional quests for you to complete. The following table lists some of the follow-up quests you can complete and the areas they can be found in.

Quest type Name Area
Heavensward Main Scenario Quests Coming to Ishgard Intercessory
Armorer Quest The Breaking of Blanstyr Limsa Lominsa
White Mage Quest Taint Misbehaving South Shroud
Culinarian Quest Wait on Me Limsa Lominsa

It is worth noting that the quests you unlock after completing Before the Dawn highly depends on your character’s job and class. There are many quests that will be unlocked, however, you may not have access to all of them.

Coming to Ishgard

After completing Before the Dawn, you will have to complete Coming to Ishgard to progress in the game. Its description states, “The time has come, and Alphinaud knows what he must do.” Completing this quest gives you access to Ishgard, which is a popular city in Coerthas.

FFXIV: Before the Dawn
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Final thoughts

FFXIV is an adventurous video game that invites players to explore the persistent world of Eorzea. As the name suggests, the game forms part of the Final Fantasy series, which means you will enjoy similar features, activities, and content throughout the series.

The game offers various quests, including side and main quests. One of the main quests you can complete is Before the Dawn. It is quite a simple quest, as you merely have to speak to a guard to complete it.

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