FFXIV players recently learned the truth about the mysterious and powerful character, Azem, and it is possible that his lore will continue in future expansions.

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is a well-renowned role-playing game that takes place in the fictional world of Eorzea. Since the game is part of the classic Final Fantasy franchise, you will likely experience similar gameplay, mechanics, and regions throughout the series.

In this persistent realm, you can interact with the environment and other players, as it is a massively multiplayer online game. While exploring the vast open world, you can participate in various activities and in-game events.

That being said, it is advisable that you focus on completing quests in the main arc of the game before enjoying other activities. As you progress in FFXIV, you will notice that it features non-player characters (NPCs), one of which is Azem.

Non-player characters

A non-player character is a character that is not controlled by a human being. The term originated from classic tabletop games in which characters were controlled by the gamemaster.

In role-playing video games, the term refers to characters that are controlled by computers. The characters generally have a predetermined set of behaviours that can alter your gameplay.

Non-player characters can be fringe characters populated to add depth to an open-world, or they can be integral characters that influence the main arc of FFXIV.

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One of the NPCs you can interact with in FFXIV is Azem, and he is probably the most mysterious character in the game. Azem is considered the most important member of the Ascians, as he has connections to the Warrior of Light.

The Ascians were a peculiar collective in the open-world of FFXIV. All that players knew about them is that they wanted to demolish the Source. However, it was not until the Shadowbringers and Endwalker expansions that their goals and identities were revealed.

Unfortunately, who they are as individuals is still not entirely known. Although you may have learned about some of them, and about who they were in the past, not all characters’ identities were brought to the light.

Azem was allegedly one of the more powerful Ascians and a member of the Convocation of Fourteen. He worked alongside others like Elidibus and Emet-Selch, but, unlike them, Azem did not survive the Sundering.

His soul was split as he did not side with the others in creating Zodiark in the Final Days. In Endwalker, it was revealed that the Warrior of Light is Azem reborn, or at least, that he has parts of his soul.

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This was a shock to most FFXIV players, as it ties into another lore about the Source. Regrettably, not a lot of information about Azem has been shared since he died, but he was said to be bold with a love for traveling and learning about the world.

He was also close to Venat, the former Azem, who became Hydaelyn. Azem’s colleagues in the Convocation considered him an inconvenience, as he often acted without discussing it with them first.

This extended to the creation of Hydaelyn and Zodiark, which led to them being forgotten in the Sundering. Fortunately, Emet-Selch secretly preserved their memories.

Most of these facts are revealed in main scenario quests, but other clues about them are hidden away. During the Stormblood expansion, players travel to a location called the Azin Steppe.

Here, you can experience the story of the Dawn Father and his counterpart, the Dusk Mother. Even though the tale is about 2 lovers, it could be a retelling of Azem and Venat’s relationship.

Azem’s appearance

Although Azem has a unique persona, he shares the appearance of most Ancients of Amaurot. He is taller than any of the races and generally wears a black robe that hides his features. Azem apparently also wears a black mask, but this is yet to be confirmed.

When Emet-Selch glimpses him in the Warrior of Light, and when Elidibus perceives the Warrior as Azem, they are seen wearing a black mask.

The 13 other members appear in an Echo vision of Elidibus’ inauguration as Emissary, but 1 member was wearing a black mask, and the others were wearing a red mask. The black-masked individual is believed to be Azem.

Azem’s personality

As previously mentioned, Azem had an adventurous spirit with an open mind and a deep care for others. He was gifted in combat, as he was regarded as extremely powerful. Azem appears to have been playful, but determined in his own ways, as he rejected the Convocation’s usual practice.

Will players find out more about Azem in the future?

In FFXIV, players have already encountered a second Warrior of the Light on the First, Arbert. It is thus likely that there are others representing Azem in the other worlds.

If the game’s next story takes players to the Thirteenth, there is a possibility that lore about what happened will contain another piece of Azem’s soul.

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