Several FFXIV players have reported that they are experiencing AT&T lag, but this is out of Square Enix’s control, as the problem lies with external organizations.

Players can explore the fictional world of Eorzea in this exhilarating video game, Final Fantasy: XIV (FFXIV). Although the game was released in 2010, players are still experiencing some problems and issues with it.

FFXIV’s developer, Square Enix, is trying to resolve the bugs as soon as possible, but connection issues, such as AT&T Lag, are out of its control.

Lag issues

There are several reasons why FFXIV may lag unexpectedly. Although lag is a minor issue, it can influence your gameplay significantly.

A general lag can be easily resolved by making a few adjustments. Players have been experiencing connection issues since patch 6.1 was released.

We recommend that you experiment with a VPN, which will reroute your online traffic. Alternatively, you could select a server in your region to help with the lag. However, you should also check your internet speed and your system’s specs.

If your internet connection is not very good, you may have to upgrade your internet to a faster connection.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that your personal computer (PC) may no longer meet the minimum requirements to play FFXIV, as the game has regular updates.


FFXIV players are extremely excited about the Dark Throne update, but some players have revealed that the game is unplayable due to latency issues.

As the game prepares for the upcoming update, some players have also experienced connection and latency issues.

Some FFXIV gamers can still enjoy the game, even when there are connection and latency issues, but most players feel that the game is unplayable.

On a Reddit thread, numerous players have reported that they are experiencing latency issues. These issues cause rubber-banding in different forms of instanced content.

A FFXIV player, named “RoombaRaces”, revealed that the lag occurs when AT&T’s network hands traffic over to NTT, which is the last provider in the hop before anyone in AT&T’s network will get them to the game servers.

RoombaRaces allegedly contacted the NTT’s NOC about the AT&T lag and received the following response:

“This is due to a known congestion issue between us and AT&T which is already being investigated. Efforts are ongoing to alleviate the congestion but due to the NDA, the GIN NOC is unable to disclose any specific details.”

In other words, the people who are responsible for the network are aware of the issue and are currently working on a solution.

Several FFXIV players blamed the connectivity and latency issues on the game’s developer, Square Enix. However, this issue is entirely out of the developer’s control.


RoombaRaces also said that anyone with AT&T that wants to confirm when the lag sets in, should run a traceroute in the command line to neolobby04.ffxiv.com, which is the Primal Lobby server.

Players can observe how their latency will at least double when it reaches the first NTT Hop.

Sometimes, you will even be able to catch a spike of up to hundreds of milliseconds (MS). A latency of more than 100 MS makes FFXIV unplayable as any latency below 100 milliseconds is regarded as good. However, players should aim for a latency of below 50 MS.

Neolobby04.ffxiv.com servers

Neolobby04 is a Primal Lobby Server and players can simply pick one to test their latency.

Although this issue is primarily experienced in North America, there is a possibility that players in other locations can experience it as well, as shown below:

Area Neolobby04.ffxiv.com Servers
North America
  • Neolobby02.ffxiv.com (Aether)
  • Neolobby04.ffxiv.com (Primal)
  • Neolobby08.ffxiv.com (Crystal
  • Neolobby11.ffxiv.com (Dynamis)
  • Neolobby06.ffxiv.com (Chaos)
  • Neolobby07.ffxiv.com (Light)
  • Neolobby09.ffxiv.com (Materia)
  • Neolobby01.ffxiv.com (Elemental)
  • Neolobby03.ffxiv.com (Gaia)
  • Neolobby05.ffxiv.com (Mana)
  • Neolobby10.ffxiv.com (Meteor)

How to resolve an AT&T Lag

It is essential that you understand that the AT&T Lag is totally out of Square Enix’s control and that there is no guaranteed method to fix this problem in the game.

However, Alabomb, an FFXIV player, explained on a Reddit thread that she was able to get a stable connection to the game server using a VPN.

She suggests that players try different locations until they find a connection that is not affected by the routing issue. Since most VPNs can only be used if you pay for a monthly subscription, most FFXIV players will not be able to buy and use it.

If you decide not to use a VPN, you have to wait until the organizations responsible for the game’s connections and reserves resolve the issue.

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