Farmville 3: Fallen Leaf

The Fallen Leaf in FarmVille is used to upgrade your Exotic Animals, however, you can only receive it as a Sky Races reward, or by completing Exotic Animal Quests.


FarmVille 3 – Animals is a very fun mobile game that allows you to enjoy role-playing elements. You can start your own animal farm from the ground up by harvesting, breeding and building a thriving farm. Luckily, you can hire and level up numerous Farmhands to help you become the best farmer in the world.

You should remember that you have to collect animals in order to advance in the game. Fortunately, it features more than 50 animals for you to breed and interact with. That being said, the animals are divided into 2 categories, including Normal Animals and Exotic Animals. You can only unlock Exotic Animals once you have reached level 9.

Why are Exotic Animals important?

As mentioned above, the animals in the game are divided into different categories. Moreover, the Exotic Animals are further divided into subcategories, namely Forest, Mountain, Snow, Desert and Jungle, and they are categorised based on the terrain they function the best in.

It is alleged that these Exotic Animals are a way to keep players interested and engaged in the game. This is because Exotic Animals cannot be obtained the same way as Normal Animals. Therefore, you have to invest more time in the game to obtain an Exotic Animals.

Additionally, these animals motivate players to play the game, as they want to have rare and desirable animals in their collection.

Farmville 3: Fallen Leaf

Once you have obtained an Exotic Animal, you will be able to train them, which will increase their level and power. In order to upgrade Exotic Animals, you will need numerous materials, such as Elixirs. The Elixirs can only be obtained by completing Animal Quests, selling Exotic Animals or by completing deliveries from the Pier.

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However, you will also have to obtain specific items, one of which is the Fallen Leaf. You can collect a Fallen Leaf by participating in the Sky Races, which are cooperative versus cooperative battles. However, it only unlocks at level 20. You should note that you will obtain Fallen Leaves as a reward from the number 5 chest and higher.

Alternatively, you can collect some Fallen Leaves by completing Exotic Animal quests. You should remember that not all the quests will reward you with a Fallen Leaf. This method may take longer, however, you should complete the quests until you reach level 20 to participate in the Sky Races.

Sky Races

It is clear that you can only participate in the Sky Races when you have reached level 20. You are then able to earn Race Points by completing various tasks. These race points allow you to collect rewards in week-long race events.

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It can be accessed by selecting the balloon button, which is located on the left side of the screen. Here you will find various tasks which you can complete. You can choose 1 task to complete at a time from the Task Board. Moreover, you can complete up to 8 tasks per Sky Race. You should remember that tasks are limited by time, so it is thus recommended that you finish the task as soon as possible.

Exotic Animal quests

It is known that you have to build an Exotic Animal home when you have obtained your first Exotic Animal. Each home can hold up to three Exotic Animals. It is recommended that you also build a Ranger Station, as this will unlock the exploration feature.

You are able to send your Exotic Animals to explore and hunt by selecting the “Compass” button, which is located in the Ranger Station. Moreover, you can complete quests with your Exotic Animals to obtain rare and desirable rewards. It is alleged that you can unlock chapters by completing missions and quests.

You can pick an Exotic Animal from your collection to complete a mission by dragging them into the slot. However, you can tap on a slot and it will automatically select the animal with the highest power. You should note that hunts cost animal energy. You will complete the mission once you find the treasure.

How to train Exotic Animals

In order to train your Exotic Animals, you need to obtain specific Elixirs and materials. It is important to note that you first have to select the animal you want to train, before clicking on the info tab. In this section, you can find the animal’s level, skill and animal power. You can tap on the train button before selecting your Elixirs.

You can select various Elixirs and items to combine them. To start the training process, you have to tap on the “Train” button again. You should remember that this process will cost you coins, but it will increase the animal’s power and level.

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Final thoughts

FarmVille 3 invites you to start your own farm from the ground up by collecting various animals and by harvesting numerous crops. You are able to breed exciting animals while completing tasks and producing items. This game is described as the ultimate farm adventure.

The game consists of various different types of animals, however, some are seen as Exotic Animals. When you have obtained an Exotic Animal, you will be able to upgrade them by using specific materials. One of the materials that you might need is a Fallen Leaf. You can collect this item as a reward for completing Exotic Animal quests, or by participating in the Sky Races.

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