FarmVille 3: Animal Contest

The Exotic Animal Contest in FarmVille 3 will allow you to build a team of animals and then to compete against other teams to earn rewards.

The FarmVille games have always been popular, but the focus of FarmVille 3 has moved slightly from the farming of crops, to the caring and collecting of animals.

This is emphasised by the new Exotic Animal Contest feature in FarmVille 3, where players can compete in teams of exotic players against other players to earn rewards, move up in the league, and climb the leaderboards.

What makes FarmVille 3 so special?

The FarmVille series of games has been one of the most popular farming simulation games since its first launch 12 years ago. However, many fans were particularly excited for the release of the new FarmVille 3 game in November 2021.

Although FarmVille 3 uses the same basic gaming mechanics as previous games where the core gameplay revolves around the planting and harvesting of crops, this version of the game also has a stronger focus on the nurturing of animals.

This new iteration of the game includes over 150 normal and exotic animals that players can nurture and collect. Loyal players of the FarmVille games have really enjoyed this addition, as it adds a new challenge and strategy to the game in the same, familiar, and beloved format.

FarmVille 3: Animal Contest

As part of the new focus on animals in the FarmVille 3 game, adding new animals to your farm will help you gain XP. You can also place your animal in rooms in which they can breed or produce items.

These new features have all been welcome additions for players who were getting bored of their crops and for players who simply enjoy collecting different animals for their farms.

FarmVille 3: Animal Contest
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However, since May 2022, Zynga, the game developer of FarmVille, has added yet another feature to this game that encapsulates the animals and that increases your opportunities to earn XP and coins.

The FarmVille 3 Exotic Animal Contests were initially beta-tested on only a few, select players, but it has now been rolled out to most players, although you do have to complete Chapter 5 of the Exotic Animal Quest and you must have an exotic animal in each category to unlock this feature.

Once you open the contest menu, you have to create a team with five of your own exotic animals and compete against other teams, where each win earns you contest points and propels you to the top of the leagues and the leaderboards. The higher you are in the league, the better your rewards are.

How do the FarmVille 3 Exotic Animal Contests work?

Once you have unlocked the Exotic Animal Contest in FarmVille 3, you can start competing against other players to earn contest points and climb the rankings of the leagues and leaderboards.

The basics rules of how these Exotic Animal Contests work can be summarised as follows:

  • You need one Animal Contest Energy to play a single match, but you can swap your opponent for a different one for 100 coins
  • If you win in the beginning stages, you gain 20 contest points and if you lose, you lose 10 contest points
  • These contest points count towards your progression in the bronze, silver, or gold league and they influence your position on the leaderboards
  • The higher you advance throughout the leagues, the better your rewards will be
FarmVille 3: Animal Contest
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How to begin competing in the Exotic Animal Contests in FarmVille 3

In order to start competing in these Exotic Animal Contests once they are unlocked, you need to find the “VS” button on your map or in the bottom left corner of your screen and tap it. Then you need to add exotic animals to your team by clicking on the “Edit Team” button.

Once you have confirmed your assembled team, you can press the “Find Contestant” button to find an opponent for your match and press the “Start” button to begin your match. This will cost you one Animal Contest Energy, but it will refill automatically over time.

Strategies for winning the Exotic Animal Contests in FarmVille 3

During the Exotic Animal Contests in FarmVille 3, the winners are determined based on Animal Power and Animal Traits. Once you enter the match, you have to reveal surprise traits by flipping cards. Each team then gets points based on how many of their animals have that trait.

This means that the best strategy to win is to stack your team with animals that have high power or to swap out your opponent if they have a higher total power than your team to begin with.

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