FarmVille 3 ad not available

If you are getting an “ad not available” message when you try to redeem Ad Rewards in FarmVille 3, there are a few solutions that you can try.

FarmVille 3 has retained many of the aspects and mechanics which fans of the previous games were fond of, but added a new focus on the nurturing of animals.

However, when the “ad not available” message is displayed during this game, you can get rid of it by force closing the game, checking your device settings, or trying a different solution.

Why is FarmVille 3 so popular?

The third edition of the popular farm simulation game, FarmVille, has the same in-game mechanics as the previous versions of the game, where players can create and customise their own farms and they can progress in the game by planting and harvesting various crops.

However, this newer version of the game also adds a myriad of animals into the mix. FarmVille 3 includes over 150 normal and exotic animals that players can collect and breed to get experience and to level up their collection systematically.

FarmVille 3 ad not available

There are many things that have made FarmVille 3 such a popular game, including the new focus on collecting and nurturing animals.

However, aside from these new and exciting features, FarmVille 3 has kept many of the other features of the previous iterations of the game that players really loved.

This includes the “Ad Rewards” system. The Ad Rewards is a system by which players will receive a reward after they watch an advertisement.

These rewards usually appear every 24 hours in the “Shop” section. Ad Rewards also sometimes appear in other aspects of your FarmVille 3 game, such as the “Ads Chest”, or when you have run out of coins, energy, or gems.

If you are a regular FarmVille player, you will likely already know that this ad system can be a real life-saver when you desperately need to recharge in order to complete a task in your game. This is what makes it so frustrating when the ad system no longer works.

Many players have experienced an error when clicking on the “Watch” button for their Ad Rewards, where the system displays a message that the “ad is not available”.

Since you will not be able to watch any ads, you also will not be able to receive the rewards when this happens. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot this “ad not available” error message by attempting to force close your game.

There are also some other device settings that could be causing this issue, which you can check and fix if necessary, or you could try other troubleshooting methods, such as a VPN or contacting the game support team when this happens.

How to fix the “ad not available” message by forcing the FarmVille 3 game to close

The first action that you can try if your Farmville 3 game is displaying the “ad not available” message is to force close the game. However, it is important to note that if an unstable internet connection is causing this, a force close will not fix the issue.

To force close your FarmVille 3 game, you need to follow the below processes for Android and iOS devices, namely:

Type of device Process to force close the game
Android devices Visit the settings menu on your device and then go to the “Applications” and then the “Manage Applications” menu. Then select the FarmVille 3 application and click on “Force Stop”
iOS devices Press the home button twice or swipe up from the home screen and then close the FarmVille 3 application

Device settings that could cause the “ad not available” message to appear

If you have force closed and restarted your FarmVille 3 game and the “ad not available” message is still appearing – you have to ensure that the time zone settings on your game are correct.

While setting your time zone forward may seemingly help you reach goals and rewards faster, this can confuse the FarmVille 3 servers and this could be why the “ad not available” message is displayed.

Ensuring that your device is set to the correct time zone ensures that you have the best possible gaming experience.

Other ways to get rid of the “ad not available” message

If the “ad not available” message still appears after the force close of the game and you have ensured that your time zone is set correctly, then you can give the following solutions a try:

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