Evony: Zizka

Although you can use Zizka for any activity in Evony, he is a pure Subordinate City PvP General that can fight other players.

As the lord or lady of an empire in this exciting video game, Evony: The King’s Return, you have many responsibilities.

You have to harvest resources, vanquish monsters, explore relics, train troops and construct buildings.


To aid you with these tasks, you can purchase a variety of Generals, one of which is Zizka. This Bohemian national hero is considered one of the greatest military commanders in History.

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, Zizka has several abilities that you can use to your advantage. His special skill, Battle of Kutna Hora, reduces ranged troops’ attack by 40 percent.

It also decreases enemy ranged troops and siege machines’ defenses and health points when he is leading the army. Players should note that this special skill is always active and requires no development.

However, you can focus on developing Zizka’s specialities to enhance his capabilities. Every General has 4 unique specialities which can be used on the battlefield.

Zizka’s Siege Machine Defense speciality increases a siege machine’s health points and defense by 10 percent respectively.

Sabotage, on the other hand, decreases enemy troop defense by 10 percent while War God increases all troops’ attack by 6 percent.

His last speciality, Wagenburg Tactics, decreases enemy ranged troop and siege machine attack by 30 percent. However, it also decreases enemy ranged troop defense and health points by 20 percent each.

We therefore recommend that you enhance his specialities to improve his performance on the battlefield. Keep in mind, though, that his statistics also influence  his performance.

Evony: Zizka
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Zizka’s statistics

When you recruit Zizka, you will only benefit from his base statistics, but every time you increase his level, his statistics will increase. The amount by which the statistics increase is the growth.

The following table lists Zizka’s statistics:

Statistic Base rate Growth rate
Politics 122 8.82 percent
Attack 115 8.82 percent
Defense 109 8.85 percent
Leadership 114 8.89 percent

To increase Zizka’s statistics, you can increase his level, but you can also go through the cultivation process.

Cultivation requires Gold and Gems to increase Zizka’s statistics with a bonus amount. Every statistic can be increased by an additional 500 points if you complete this process.

Is Zizka a good General?

Zizka is one of the best Generals for countering attacks from Ranged Troops, however, he also provides some protection against Siege Machines.

Even though you can use Zika for many activities in Evony, he is a pure Subordinate City PvP General, which means that he should only be used in PvP battles.

Ascended skill buffs

Enhancing is the process of increasing a General’s star level, however, it requires Gold and Medals. if you ascend Zizka, he will unlock bonuses for his special skill.

The following table lists the bonus that he will unlock at every star-level:

Star level Bonus
  • Enemy ranged troop attack is decreased by 10 percent
  • Enemy Ranged Troop and siege machine defense and health points decreased by 10 percent
  • Enemy ranged troop defense is decreased by 20 percent
  • When Zizka is the Mayor, death onto survival rate is increased by 15 percent
  • Enemy ranged troop health points is decreased by 20 percent
  • When he is the Mayor, training speed is increased by 20 percent
  • Enemy ground troop attack is decreased by 35 percent
  • Enemy troop defense and health points are decreased by 10 percent
  • Enemy ranged troop attack is decreased by 40 percent
  • Defense and health points are decreased by 25 percent

Zizka’s builds

When looking at Zizka’s abilities, players will notice that he is quite a versatile General and can therefore be used for a variety of activities.

Some of the builds that you can use for Zizka in Evony are:

Build name Skill Books Equipment
Ranged PvP
  • Level 4 ranged troop attack
  • Level 4 ranged troop range bonus
  • Level 4 ranged troop HP
  • Bow: Ranged troop attack
  • Armor Ranged troop defense:
  • Boots: Ranged troop defense
  • Helmet: Ranged troop HP
  • Leg Armor: Ranged troop HP
  • Ring: Ranged troop attack
Siege PvP
  • Level 4 siege machine attack
  • Level 4 siege machine bonus
  • Level 4 siege machine HP
  • Ax: Siege machine attack
  • Armor: Siege machine defense
  • Boots: Siege machine defense
  • Helmet: Siege machine HP
  • Leg Armor: Siege machine HP
  • Ring: Siege machine attack
Mounted PvP
  • Level 4 mounted troop HP
  • Level 4 mounted troop speed
  • Level 4 mounted troop attack
  • Spear: Mounted troop attack
  • Armor: Mounted troop defense
  • Boots: Mounted troop defense
  • Helmet: Mounted troop HP
  • Leg Armor: Mounted troop HP
  • Ring: Mounted troop attack

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