Evony: Ziz Dragon

Evony: The King’s Return players have to reach a high position in the All-Star Battlefields for a chance to acquire a new Dragon called Ziz.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling role-playing game set in medieval times. As the lord or lady of a keep, it is your responsibility to recruit Generals, train troops, acquire Dragons, harvest resources, and defeat enemies. Evony recently added a new Dragon, Ziz, that players can collect.

What are Dragons?

Dragons are essentially a type of support gear that can be assigned to a General to buff and increase their abilities. There are 10 different Dragons that you can acquire, and they can be divided into 2 categories: Pasture Dragons and Sacred Dragons.

The following table lists the Dragons that players can get:

Dragon category Dragon name
Pasture Dragon
Sacred Dragon
  • Norway Ridge
  • Ziz
  • Colchian Dragon
  • The Dragon of Thebes
  • Amaterasu Dragon
  • Nidhogg
  • Ladon

Each Dragon has unique buffs and should, therefore, be carefully assigned to a General. If you assign the correct Dragon to a specific General, you will have an advantage in battle.

Evony: Ziz Dragon

In December 2022, Evony announced that a new Dragon, known as Ziz, is available to be procured. In order to get Ziz, gamers must compete in the All-Star Battlefields. The competition consists of 5 continents according to the server.

Evony: Ziz Dragon
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Each continent has an All-Star Battlefield, All-Star Elite Battlefield, and an All-Star Junior Battlefield. Players need to place a certain ranking in every continent of Constantinople Ultimate War Season to qualify for the All-Star Battlefields.

Monarchs will get the opportunity to win a Legendary Dragon Egg, castle decoration, march effects, avatar frames, and a new Epic Historic General.

However, y these rewards are not guaranteed as you have to reach a specific position in the leaderboard to earn these rewards.

If you received the Legendary Dragon Egg, you will be able to use it to unlock Ziz, Colchian Dragon, or the Amaterasu Dragon.

However, you can also use it to obtain several rare items like Gems, Dragon Source Fragments, Super Resource Chests, and Treasure Boxes.

That being said, if you used the Legendary Dragon Egg to acquire these items, you can no longer use it to unlock Ziz. Players therefore have to decide whether they want to use the egg to unlock Ziz, or to acquire rare items.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that you cannot choose which Dragon you want, as the Dragon you receive is randomly generated. There is thus a chance that gamers could get Ziz, however, you could also unlock Amaterasu Dragon or Colchian Dragon.

Evony: Ziz Dragon
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Ziz’s skills and effects

Similarly to other Dragons in Evony, Ziz has skills and effects that can influence your gameplay significantly. The table below lists Ziz’s skills and describes each one:

Skill name Description
Flash Rend
  • Cavalry units’ attack and defence are increased by 25 percent
Fallen Star
  • Cavalry and siege machine units’ attacks are increased by 25 percent
Void Claws
  • All Troop attack is increased by a maximum of 15 percent
  • Enemy troop health points are decreased by a maximum of 15 percent

In addition to these, Ziz also has a main skill, which allegedly increases Cavalry units’ attack by 25 percent while applying a Ground troop debuff of 20 percent.

Can Ziz’s level be increased?

It is imperative that you increase Ziz’s level regularly as his skills are only unlocked when he reaches a specific level. To increase Ziz’s level, you can feed him Excellent Dragon Coins, Resources, Gems, Gold, Source of Life, Research Stones, and Medals, among other items.

The number of experience points required to reach the following level is as follows:

Level Quantity of experience points required
Level 1 to level 2 720 000
Level 5 to level 6 12 000 000
Level 10 to level 11 58 080 000
Level 14 to level 15 147 600 000

Assigning Ziz to a General

It is recommended that players assign Ziz to a Mounted General during a heavy charge. When Ziz is assigned to a Mounted General, your General and your troops will receive buffs during the battle.

If you have a high-level Mounted General, it is advisable that you assign Ziz to him. In order to assign Ziz to a General, players can open the General’s details screen in the General collection menu.

In the new menu, you have to select the Dragon icon, which you can find in the upper left corner of the menu.

Evony players can then select Ziz to assign him to a specific General. If you want to remove Ziz from a General, you can follow the same method.

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