Evony: Xianyang

Evony players can obtain the Xianyang castle decoration when they reach a specific rank in the All Star battles, though it is not active at the moment.

In this adventurous video game, Evony: The King’s Return, you have to build an empire from scratch. There are several decorations that you can use to make your castle unique.

One of the decorations that you can get is Xianyang, and you have to complete an activity in the game to acquire it.

Evony: Xianyang

Players can change their empire’s appearance by selecting their castle on the world map. In the pop-up menu, you will see several options, one of which is “Decorate.” In this menu, you will see 3 different tabs, each of which have a range of subcategories.

In the “Castle” tab, you can click on the “Champion” category to view the Legendary Xianyang and Epic Xianyang decorations. In order to procure the Legendary Xianyang, you have to reach a certain ranking in the All-Star Elite Battlefield.

When it was active, players had to reach a certain ranking in the Season 9 All-Star Battlefield to collect the Epic Xianyang decoration.

Unfortunately, season 9 has concluded, which means that players cannot acquire the Epic Xianyang decoration anymore.

However, players can still collect the Legendary Xianyang decoration if they meet the necessary requirements. This means that you have to participate in the All Star battles.

Evony: Xianyang
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All Star battles

The All Star battlefield can be found outside your empire’s walls. The competition generally occurs throughout 3 continents and players must rank in the top 300 of their continents in the ongoing Constantinople Ultimate War Season to qualify for the All Star Battlefield.

You will be competing with other Evony players, and if you manage to succeed in the activity, you will be rewarded with the Legendary Xianyang.

What are the All Star battles rules?

Every new season of All Star battles introduces a new set of rules. Since season 9 concluded, the current rules of the activity are undetermined. However, we suspect that season 10 will be announced in the near future.

Season 10 will introduce new rules that players have to follow if they are interested in procuring the Legendary Xianyang.

How to equip the Xianyang decoration

If you acquired the Xianyang decoration, you have to activate it in order to change your empire’s appearance on the world map. Players have to open the “Champion” category in the “Decorations” tab in order to activate the decoration.

You can then activate the decoration by selecting “Xianyang.” Keep in mind that it will remain active until you select and activate another decoration, or until you disable it.

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