Evony: Which General sold cookies

The answer to the “’Which General sold cookies?” question in Evony’s Kong’s Trials event is Menshikov.

In Evony: The King’s Return, players have to build their own empires from scratch while completing quests. In addition to the main questline, you can enjoy events and numerous activities in the game.

One of these events, Kong’s Trials, requires that players answer questions, such as “Which General sold cookies as a teenager?”

Evony: Which General sold cookies

Kong’s Trials is an exciting event that invites players to enjoy Evony in a unique way for a limited period of time. In this event, players must answer a set number of questions, though the questions are not all based on the game.

Therefore, you should have great general knowledge to succeed in this event. The questions are randomly generated, so you could receive the question, “Which General sold cookies as a teenager?”

To answer this question, you must select one of the given options, but you can also reach out to Alliance members if you are struggling. Alternatively, you can visit every General’s  portrait in the Tavern to see who sold cookies.

However, if you get this question during the Senior Trials, you will not have enough time to find the answer, as there is a time limit. The correct answer to this question is Menshikov, as can be seen in his history.

Evony: Which General sold cookies
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Alternative questions

The total number of questions is unknown, however, there are more than 20 possible questions to answer. In addition to “Which General sold cookies?”, you could receive the following questions:

  • What color is a Polar Bear’s skin?
  • How many number 1s are written between 1 and 99?
  • What did Kong throw at the first helicopter on the Skull Island Expedition?
  • Which monster provides massive speedups?
  • How many pieces does a chess board have?
  • Where is the inventor of air-conditioning from?
  • Which General is holding a Scepter in his Avatar?

When does Kong’s Trials conclude?

Kong’s Trials will conclude on Tuesday, 20 June 2023, after which the questions, rewards and other related activities will be removed from Evony. You can therefore no longer enjoy the event.

The final trial for the event is a Senior Trial, which means that only players that answered 6 questions correctly during the Junior Trial can participate in it.

To qualify for the sharing gems reward, you must answer 15 questions correctly during the Senior Trial.

Will Kong’s Trial return to Evony?

Currently, it is unknown whether Kong’s Trials will return to Evony in the future or not.

However, Evony collaborated with the King Kong franchise to host a series of Kong-related events, which means that there is a possibility that you will be able to enjoy other Kong-related events in the future.

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