Evony: What does Warehouse capacity mean?

Warehouse capacity in Evony refers to how many resources the Warehouse can protect at a time, which can be increased when you upgrade the building.

Evony: The King’s Return is a tactical, role-playing mobile game set in medieval times. You are invited to assume the role of a lady or a lord to build your own empire from the ground up.

Since it is based on the classic video game, Evony, you will likely experience similar content, mechanics, and elements in the mobile game.

Players will discover various events and activities that they can partake in, however, they first have to choose a monarch, who is essentially their virtual avatar.

In order to advance in the game, you have to complete quests, defeat enemies, and gather resources. You also have to construct numerous buildings within your Keep and train troops, among many other things.

What are the various types of buildings?

There are currently more than 10 buildings you can construct in your Keep, each of which serves a specific purpose in the game.

Gamers should keep in mind that they will not have access to all the buildings when they first start playing the game, but they can unlock them as you meet the specific requirements throughout the game.

The most important building is the Keep as it provides an overview of your empire’s advancements. You can upgrade your Keep to unlock new buildings and features, as well as to increase your Gold Levy.

The Archer Camp allows players to train ranged troops, and they can train siege machines in the Workshop.

Evony: What does Warehouse capacity mean?

When you first start playing Evony, you may notice that your Keep is mostly empty, except for a few buildings. This is so that players can decide which buildings they want in their Keep, and where they want to place them.

One of the buildings you do not have to build is the Warehouse, which protects a certain number of your resources from being plundered or consumed. This means that your Keep protects resources that the troops gather from an early stage in the game.

Evony: What does Warehouse capacity mean?
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That being said, the Warehouse is a crucial building, as it ensures that your Keep always has resources available, even when other players have ransacked the rest of your empire.

It is important to note that the Warehouse capacity refers to how many resources the Warehouse can hold. Players can increase its capacity by upgrading the building, but players should note that it costs resources to complete the process.

It is alleged that the higher the Warehouse’s level, the more resources it requires to be upgraded. However, it can protect more resources from being consumed or plundered when it is upgraded.

You can see how many resources it is currently protecting, and what the building’s capacity is by clicking on it.  The Warehouse is located to the left of the Shrine.

How to increase your Warehouse capacity

Players can increase their Warehouse capacity by upgrading the building, which can cost a lot of resources. However, you can also increase the building’s capacity by researching the Stockpile technology.

Every level of Stockpile provides an increased capacity of 10 percent, which means a 100 percent increase in storage by level 10.

You can research this feature by going to the Academy, but you may have to research other aspects first,  because you have to finish researching a specific thing before you can unlock the next research objective.

How much is the Warehouse capacity?

As previously mentioned, the Warehouse capacity is determined by its level at the time. Warehouse capacity at each level is:

Level Amount of each resource
1 50 000
2 75 000
3 100 000
4 125 000
5 170 000
6 225 000
7 330 000
8 450 000
9 600 000
10 780 000

It is noteworthy that the above capacities refer to each individual resource. This means that if your Warehouse is at level 5, it will be able to store 170 000 food, 170 000 lumber, 170 000 stone, and 170 000 ore.

Currently, the maximum level a Warehouse can reach is level 40, at which point it can hold 200 000 000 of each resource.

How to gather resources

Evony players should note that their Warehouse can only protect resources that they send their troops to gather. You can send your troops out to occupy certain buildings on the map to gather as many resources as they can.

Furthermore, you can send troops to enemy territories to ransack their resources, though it is advisable that you do not use this method as the enemy may take revenge in the future.

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