Evony: Wallenstein

Wallenstein is a new General in Evony, however, upgrading him to the fullest requires a vast amount of resources.

Evony: The King’s Return is an exciting mobile game that invites you to assume the role of a lord or lady in the medieval era.

As the name suggests, it is based on the classic video game, Evony, which means that you are likely to experience the same features and gameplay in both games.

As the player, it is your responsibility to build an empire from scratch and defend your keep from attacks. To aid you in your quest, you can recruit troops and Generals. One of the Generals that you can collect is Wallenstein, who is a Bohemian military leader.

Why are Generals important?

Although Generals may seem like an inconsequential aspect of Evony, they are a vital component of the game. This is because you use them in everything you do, including fighting, crafting, researching, and constructing.

There are numerous Generals that you can collect, each of which serves a unique role. The better the General is, the more effectively they will function in their role. Some Generals perform best in the player-versus-player mode, while others help you gather the most resources.

It is thus essential that you select the correct General before you start with any activity in Evony.

Evony: Wallenstein

The game’s developer, Evony, occasionally introduces new features and activities to keep players interested in the game. They recently added a new General called Wallenstein.

Evony: Wallenstein
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Wallenstein is a Bohemian military leader and statesman who fought on the side of the Holy Roman Empire during the Thirty Years War.

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, Wallenstein has several statistics, namely:

Statistic Base Growth rate
Politics 104 8.5
Defence 116 8.88
Attack 118 8.97
Leadership 112 9.02

He excels as a ranged General in the player-versus-player mode. When fully developed, his range attack is extremely powerful, and he has the additional bonus of a buff to rally capacity.

This is extremely helpful when you are attempting to defeat a big player with your Alliance. Unfortunately, players must spend approximately 60 million gold to collect Wallenstein, thus, he is suitable for high spenders.

It also makes ascending him quite difficult, and he relies on his final speciality to add 40 percent ranged attack to his buff. If you are a low-spender, or a free-to-play player, you should rather use Wallenstein as an Assistant General.

Although Wallenstein performs well as an Evony Defence General, it is advisable that you never use him in this role. This is because it requires that you complete his final speciality which needs a huge quantity of resources.

It is recommended that you rather use Wallenstein as a PvP General, or as an Assistant General.

Wallenstein specialities

Generals in Evony have specialities which are only unlocked when they reach level 25. These specialities can be expensive to develop, as they require Gems and Runestones. The table below lists Wallenstein’s specialities:

Speciality Description
Battle of the Alte Veste
  • It increases ranged troop attack by 40 percent
  • The troop’s rally capacity is increased by 5 percent
War God
  • Wallenstein increases all troops’ attack by 6 percent
  • Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack is increased by 10 percent
Ranged Troop Assault
  • This speciality increases ranged troop attack and health points by 10 percent

Wallenstein special skill

A General’s special skill is always active and requires no upgrading. However, Wallenstein can be Ascended, and each ascended star level adds a buff to his special skill.

His special skill, Bohemian Pioneer, increases ranged troops’ attacks by 25 percent when he is leading the army to attack. It also increases rally capacity by 10 percent when Wallenstein is leading the army to launch Alliance War.

The Ascended special skill buffs are:

Star ranking Description
1 Marching ranged troop attack is increased by 10 percent, while defence is increased by 20 percent
2 It increases in-city troop wounded into death rate by 10 percent
3 March size capacity is increased by 14 percent
4 Marching ranged troop attack is increased by 10 percent, and health points are increased by 30 percent
5 Marching ranged troop attack is increased by 15 percent. Marching ranged troop and siege machine health points and defence is increased by 10 percent

Wallenstein build

Wallenstein’s recommended build is for the ranged player-versus-player mode. Players can use these skill books for Wallenstein:

  • Level 4 ranged troop attack
  • Level 4 ranged troop range bonuses
  • Level 4 march size

The table below lists the equipment refines for Wallenstein:

Equipment Description
Bow Ranged troop attack percentage x 4
Armour Ranged troop defence percentage x 4
Boots Ranged troop defence percentage x 4
Helmet Ranged troop health points percentage x 4
Leg Armour Ranged troop health points percentage x 4
Ring Ranged troop attack percentage x 4

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