Evony: Victory Column

The Victory Column in Evony: The King’s Return is the symbol of a General’s power, though it can only be constructed if you meet the requirements.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling video game that invites players to build a keep from scratch. As a lord or lady in medieval times, you have to train troops, construct buildings, recruit Generals, harvest resources, and defeat enemies.

One of the buildings that you can construct in Evony is the Victory Column.

Buildings in Evony

There are several buildings that you can construct in Evony, each of which has a specific objective. All the buildings are crucial, but you should primarily focus on your keep.

This is because everything follows the level of your keep. If you want higher level troops, generals, monarchs, and buildings, you have to increase your keep’s level.

Players have to construct various buildings to grow their empires. You can construct a hospital to heal your troops, a forge in which to craft gear for your Generals, a shrine to get daily rewards, and an academy to research items, among other things.

It is worth noting that some buildings have specific requirements that you have to meet before you can construct them.

Evony: Victory Column

One of the buildings in your empire is the Victory Column, and it is the symbol of a General’s power. The building records the achievements of Monarchs and Generals. You can only build the Victory Column once you have reached level 35.

Once you have reached level 35, you can construct a Victory Column. If you want to upgrade your Victory Column, you have to make sure that your Keep is upgraded first.

Evony: Victory Column
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If you are able to upgrade your Victory Column, you should keep in mind that it costs resources to complete the upgrade.

The following table lists the resources required to construct the Victory Column:

Keep level Food Wood Stone Ore Building upgrades Extra
35 935 392 800 1 221 996 800 1 185 954 400 1 187 682 400 Keep Players have to own a minimum of two 5.8 million Generals at the same time

According to the table, players not only have to increase their keep’s level, but they also have to own a minimum of two Generals with a power of 5.8 million simultaneously.

Increasing a General’s power can take some time and it is therefore recommended that you focus on increasing Generals’ power as soon as possible.

That being said, it can be difficult for early-game players to increase a General’s power. Firstly, you have to decide which General’s power you want to increase. As an early-game player, you do not have many Generals in your collection.

You should therefore focus on growing your General collection before you increase their power.

Why are Generals imperative?

 Generals are a key component of Evony: The King’s Return. This is because you use them in everything that you do in the game. This includes building, researching, fighting, and crafting.

Some Generals are specialists in certain tasks. For instance, Simeon the Great is considered one of the best Generals for a ranged player-versus-player battle, however, he is not efficient at harvesting resources.

You can acquire varying rarities of Generals. The rarer a General is, the more efficient he or she is in the game. Moreover, you can collect Historic and Non-Historic Generals.

A Historic General is based on a real-world person, while a Non-Historic General is a fictional character.

General’s power

There are several aspects that determine a General’s power in Evony. It is supposed that a General’s statistics, speciality, star level, equipment, and spiritual beasts as well as dragons have an influence on how powerful the General is.

If you are interested in constructing a Victory Column, you have to increase the power of a minimum of 2 Generals’  before you can build it.

It is worth noting that increasing a General’s power may take some time, so players should not expect to construct a Victory Column quickly.

How to increase a General’s power

In order to increase a General’s statistics, you have to increase his or her level, go through the enhancement and cultivation process, and equip a dragon. The main idea is to increase your General’s level as quickly as possible.

Once your General has reached level 25, you can level up his or her speciality, which increases his or her power.

Bear in mind that the General’s rarity determines the amount of power you will get. Moreover, you have to increase your General’s star level to increase his or her power.

It is essential that you equip your General with the correct gear. Basically, the more expensive the equipment is, the more powerful it is. Lastly, you can also assign a dragon or spiritual beast to increase a General’s power.

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