Evony: Turenne

Turenne is an Epic Historic General in Evony: The King’s Return, however, free-to-play players cannot acquire him.

In this exciting video game, Evony: The King’s Return, players can build an empire from scratch in medieval times.

 You will be the lord or lady of a keep, which means that you have to construct various buildings, harvest resources, and defeat monsters. To aid you in your task, you can recruit Generals, one of which is Turenne.

Are there varying General rarities?

There are 8 rarity types in Evony, and the higher the General’s rarity is, the better they are. You can identify a General’s rarity by looking at the border around their portrait.

Historic Generals with a purple or gold border are seen as the best in the game, but they can be difficult to acquire.

A blue border, on the other hand, indicates a rare General, which is quite powerful but a bit easier to acquire. Uncommon Non-Historic Generals have a purple border and Common Generals have a green border.

Players will generally use the Uncommon Non-Historic and Common Generals in the early-game phase. As you reach higher levels, you will need more powerful Generals.

Evony: Turenne

Evony recently announced that a new event, called Groundhog Day, is taking place from Friday, 13 January 2023 until 8 February 2023. In this time, players can enjoy several features and events.

You can participate in the Treasure Hunt Event, Ekaterina’s Garden Event, Historic City Searching Event, and the Dwarf’s Lucky Apple Event, amongst others.

Additionally, you can purchase in-game packages, which contain several tiers of rewards. During the event, 5 daily package tiers include massive resources, speedups, Art Treasure Scroll Chests, and Premium Gear Chests, amongst other things.

There is also a chance that you could obtain the new Epic Historic General, Turenne, from the 5th package tier.

Evony: Turenne
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In order to summon an Epic Historic General, you have to acquire an Epic Historic General (Glory) item. This item can allegedly only be obtained from the 5th tier package rewards.

Bear in mind that there are several Epic Historic Generals that you can unlock and therefore, there is no guarantee that you will get Turenne. However, if you do not collect Turenne after summoning 5 times, he is guaranteed within the next summoning.

This means that you may have to obtain 5 Epic Historic General (Glory) items to unlock Turenne.

This event has caused some controversy among players, as free-to-play players cannot participate in the Historic General Summoning event.

That being said, you do not have to acquire Turenne to enjoy Evony, as there are many other Generals that you can obtain for free.

Turenne’s statistics

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, Turenne has statistics that can influence your gameplay. Leadership increases sub-city training speed, troop health points, and march speed.

Attack and defence increase  your troops’ attacks and defences respectively. Politics, on the other hand, increases sub-city construction and gold production speed. It also increases resource gathering speed and the troop death to wounded rate.

The table below outlines Turenne’s base and growth statistics:

Statistic Base Growth
Leadership 125 9.13 percent
Defence 113 8.76 percent
Attack 116 8.82 percent
Politics 107 8.64 percent

Turenne’s skills

Turenne has several skills that can aid you in battle on the battlefield. His skills can be described as follows:

Skill name Description
Ground Troop Assault
  • Ground Troop attack and health points are increased by 10 percent
  • Ground troop and Mounted troop attack are increased by 10 percent
Ground Troop Ares
  • It increases ground troop attack, health points, and defence by 10 percent
Battle of the Dunes
  • Ground Troop attack is increased by 30 percent
  • Ground troop defence is increased by 25 percent
  • Ground troop health points is increased by 20 percent

In addition to these skills, Turenne also has a special ability. Crossing the River Rhine increases ground troops’ attack by 35 percent while ground troops and mounted troops’ defence are increased by 35 percent. Although this only activates when Turenne is leading the army.

Upgrading Turenne

Turenne’s level should be upgraded regularly to increase his statistics. The amount by which it increases is equal to the stats growth rate.

However, the growth rate can be further increased by enhancing Turenne. You can increase Turenne’s level by killing enemies, defeating monsters, and attacking sub-cities.

However, you can also procure General Experience Point items to increase his level. Cultivating, on the other hand, is the process of spending gold and gems to increase statistics with a bonus amount.

Keep in mind that every statistic can be increased by an additional 500 points through this process.

Evony players can also enhance Turenne to increase his star level, although this process requires gold and medals.

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