Evony: True Sight Buff

During Evony’s Clash of Civilizations – Assault event, you can obtain the True Sight Buff, which increases your army’s defense, health and attack

Evony players can now participate in the Clash of Civilizations event, which only opens once a week. To participate in this event, you have to gain a specific rank in the Clash of Civilizations – Assault event.

During the Assault event, you will encounter Shadow of Dawn monsters on the world map. Monarchs can also discover Dawn Temples, Dawn Sanctuaries, Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse Strongholds on the map.

You can earn event scores by destroying Shadow of Dawn event monsters and occupying or reinforcing the Order of Dawn buildings.

Evony: True Sight Buff
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While progressing through the Clash of Civilizations – Assault event, you may receive a variety of buffs, such as Solar Sight, Lunar Sight and True Sight. Players should note that each of these buffs will provide your army with unique bonuses.

The True Sight Buff increases attacking or defending troops’ attack, defense and health points. However, you should note that only one army can be sent at the same time.

This means that while this buff is active, you can only send out one army to attack an event monster and you have to wait for their return to send another army to attack an event monster or occupy a building.

In order to get this buff, players have to hunt down shadow versions of monsters, but keep in mind that it only has a 10 percent drop rate. This means that you only have a 10 percent chance of receiving the buff when you attack a Shadow event monster.

Players may have to attack several Shadow event monsters before they will get the buff.

Shadow buildings

In addition to defeating Shadow event monsters, you can occupy Shadow buildings to score points while the event is active.

You will only earn a score once you have occupied the building. The following table lists the buildings that you can occupy:

Building Description
Dawn Temple Players must defeat this building 15 times before they can occupy it.
Dawn Sanctuary In order to occupy this building, you have to destroy this temple 10 times.
Solar Eclipse Stronghold You have to defeat this temple 5 times to occupy it.
Lunar Eclipse Stronghold Monarchs must defeat this building 5 times to occupy it.


Several players mentioned that even though they have defeated the buildings the required number of times, they still cannot occupy the building. Although this is a known bug, Evony is yet to resolve the issue.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can still occupy the buildings to score points while the Clash of Civilizations – Assault event is active.

We recommend that you try to rally the buildings mentioned in the table and then solo until the last hit before you rally again.

Since the Clash of Civilizations is an ongoing event, we believe that Evony will resolve the bug before the next Assault event begins.


If you defeat monsters and occupy buildings, you will earn event scores which determine the rewards that you will earn. That being said, you can earn Daily Ranking Rewards, Daily Target Rewards as well as Total Ranking Rewards.

The Daily Ranking Rewards are essentially the same, however, the quantities of the items that you will receive depends on your position.

For instance, first place will receive 30 Material Bags, 80 x 100 000 Gold and 15 x 24-hour Speed Ups, while 26th place will receive 8 Material Bags, 20 x 100 000 Gold and 6 x 24-hour Speed Ups.

The Daily Target Rewards are chests, each of which contains unique items. Players have a chance to get a chest once daily by attacking monsters.

The Total Ranking Rewards, on the other hand, will reward you with Love Boxes, Runestone Chests, and 24-hour Speed Ups.

Clash of Civilizations

If you are a part of the top 25 players during the Clash of Civilizations – Assault event, you can participate in the Clash of Civilizations event.

This battle brings 8 servers together, however, only 25 players from each server can take part in the event.

Players should note that this battle will last 2 hours, but there are some twists involved. You will have a 15 minute truce agreement when the battle starts to come up with a strategy.

Once the truce agreement is over, you will have to occupy buildings and attack other Evony players to earn event scores.

Similarly to the Clash of Civilizations – Assault event, you will earn rewards based on your event scores.

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