Evony: Troop Types

There are 4 different types of troops you can train in Evony, but keep in mind that each type has several strengths and weaknesses

In order to progress in Evony: The King’s Return, you have to train different types of troops to defeat monsters on the world map, harvest resources and attack other Monarchs.

Players can train mounted, ranged, ground and siege troops to expand your army.

Keep in mind that each troop has specific strengths and weaknesses that you have to consider before training them.

Mounted troops can attack and defeat ground troops quite easily since they have a height advantage. However, they have low health points and defenses, which makes them vulnerable to ranged troops.

Ground troops have high defense and health points statistics, which means that they can withstand the ranged troops. However, the high attack of mounted troops leaves them vulnerable to this troop type.

Ranged troops, on the other hand, are very effective at defeating mounted troops, but ground troops can close in on them and vanquish them.

Siege machines can deal a lot of damage at a distance, but they are quite expensive to build and if they are attacked, you need to use Gems to heal them.

Evony: Troop Types
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We recommend that you consider every troop type’s advantages and disadvantages before initiating an attack. Monarchs should therefore scout the enemy’s empire before sending your troops out to attack the opponent.

To launch a scout mission, you have to find another Monarch’s empire on the world map. Click on the keep and select the telescope icon, which allows you to scout the area.

Once the scout mission is completed, you can decide which troops you want to use to attack other players.

Training troops

Players should note that training troops can take some time, but there are several factors that influence how quickly your troops are trained. The following table lists the best ways to improve troop training times:

Method Description
Research Players can research Advanced Conscription and Super Conscription in the Military research tree to improve training speed.
Duty General You can assign a General to your training buildings to decrease training time.
Culture Monarchs who chose America as their culture will have improved training speed. You can change cultures if you have a culture change token.
Subordinate Cities Taking over Chinese subordinate cities will improve your troop training speed.

Where to train your troops

It is crucial to note that every troop type can only be trained in a specific building. There are different soldiers in every building, but to unlock them, you have to increase the building’s level. Furthermore, it costs resources to train troops.

You therefore have to harvest resources on a regular basis to be able to train your troops and you also have to increase the building’s level to unlock stronger troops.

Keep in mind that the higher the troops’ levels are that you want to train, the more resources you have to farm.

The following table lists the buildings that allow you to train troops:

Troop type Building
Ground troops Barracks
Ranged troops Archer Camps
Mounted troops Stables
Siege machines Workshop


When you have trained your troops, you have to assign a General to lead them to the attack. It is therefore also important that you regularly recruit Generals to enhance your troops’ capabilities.

Some of the best Generals for each troop type are as follows:

Troop type Generals
Ground troops
Ranged troops
Mounted troops
Siege machines

Which troop type should you use?

Although it is tempting to only focus on and use 1 troop type, it is not recommended. This is because some monsters and bosses on the world map can only be vanquished by a specific troop type.

If you use the wrong troop type, you will not win the fight against the monster or boss and subsequently, you will  not receive any loot.

As previously mentioned, we recommend that you scout another player’s empire before deciding which troop type you want to use to perform the attack.

If you only focus on training 1 troop type, you will not be able to attack all Evony players on the world map.

Monarchs should therefore divide their resources and time to train all troop types.

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