Evony: Troop training calculator

Players can use the Evony troop training calculator to calculate how many resources they need to train a specific number of troops.

Gamers are invited to take up the role of a lady or a lord in this exhilarating mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. As the name suggests, the game is based on the classic game, Evony, and therefore, you can encounter similar gameplay and mechanics in both versions.

The objective of the game is to build an empire from the ground up so that you can become a powerful leader. As the player, you have to train troops, gather resources, recruit Generals and defend your keep. Training troops can be complicated, but you can use a troop training calculator to make it easier.


After building an Archer’s Camp, Workshop, Stable, and Barracks, you can start training troops. The troops you can train are:

Troop name Description
Mounted Players can use mounted troops to defeat monsters that spawn on the map
Siege Siege machines are strong all-round troops, but they cost Gems to be repaired
Ranged Ranged troops are mostly used for player-versus-player battles, as they are strong against mounted troops
Ground These troops have an advantage over ranged units, but they are weak against mounted units

Evony: Troop training calculator

Although troops may seem like an inconsequential feature to some, they are vital in the game. You need troops to defeat monsters, gather resources, occupy ruins, and attack other players’ keeps. Before you can enjoy these features, you have to train troops.

Different types of troops are trained in various buildings within your keep. Mounted troops are trained in the stable, ranged troops are trained in the Archer Camp, and Siege machines are trained in the workshop. Ground troops are trained in the Barracks.

To train troops, you have to collect resources, including lumber, stone, ore, food, and gold. The more troops you train, the more resources you need, and it can be difficult to calculate how many resources you need to train a specific quantity of troops.

Fortunately, some players have created a troop training calculator, which calculates how many resources you need to train the number of troops you desire. This tool is most useful when you are planning ahead for the Resource Consumption Event.

Players can combine this event with troop training to spend the required resources to complete the event objectives. And as a result, you will be rewarded generously. To use a troop training calculator, you have to search for one.

There are numerous calculators available, but most of them work the same way. You can select the troop type and the troop tier that you wish to train in the calculator, before you select the number of troops you want.

Players can then click on the calculate button, and it will tell them how much of each resource they need to train those troops.

Resource Consumption event

The Resource Consumption event is an in-game activity from which you can earn great rewards for using a certain quantity of resources. It is unknown when the event occurs, and thus, it is advisable that you check the Event Center regularly to know when it takes place.

As previously stated, you should use the training troop calculator in combination with the Resource Consumption event because you can then earn the maximum rewards during this event. While the event is active, you can also upgrade the buildings in your keep to consume your resources.

Gathering resources

Troops cannot be trained if you do not have resources in your keep, and you cannot gather resources without troops. There are resource tiles that you can find in the game, namely Farms, Sawmills, Quarries, Iron Mines, and Gem Mines.

To gather resources, you have to search for a resource tile, which you can find on the world map. Once you have selected a tile, you can choose which troops to send before selecting the General that will lead them.

After clicking on the march icon, your troops will leave to gather resources. It may take some time for them to return to your keep.

Troop building tips

It is advised that you use the following troop building tips to train troops and to get the most benefits. Firstly, you should assign a duty General to your troop buildings when you are training troops. Keep in mind that you first have to upgrade the buildings to level 25 before you can assign a General to them.

Moreover, it is recommended that you do not waste resources on low-level troops, as they become useless when you reach higher levels. Players should focus on troop training speed research in the Academy, as this allows you to train troops faster.

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