Evony: Treasures of the Desert

During Evony’s Treasures of the Desert event players can use Treasure Scrolls to find rare Antiques in the desert

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling video game which invites players to assume the role of a lord or lady during medieval times.

It is up to you to expand your empire by harvesting resources, defeating monsters on the world map, attacking other players and training troops.

Treasures of the Desert

In addition to controlling your kingdom, you can enjoy numerous events, one of which is Treasures of the Desert.

According to the event’s description a large number of Antiques are buried in the vast desert, and you can explore it to find rare treasures.

Evony: Treasures of the Desert
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Monarchs can use Treasure Scrolls to search for Antiques and if you find 1, it will be temporarily stored in your bag.

Keep in mind, however, that Antiques are divided into 4 types and each type has 4 levels. You can drag 2 identical types to one slot in the bag to compose them for a higher-level Antique.

An Antique will be removed from the bag when it has reached level 4. Players can use different combinations of level 4 Antiques in the Antique Market to get rare rewards.

You can ask your Alliance members for help with level 1 Antiques, but you can also send your level 1 Antiques to your Alliance members to assist them.

How to acquire Treasure Scrolls

To participate in the Treasures of the Desert event, you have to procure Treasure Scrolls. This item can be obtained by purchasing event packages and opening daily activity chests.

Monarchs should note that when the event ends, any remaining Treasure Scrolls and Antiques will be converted into Dusty Scrolls.

You can purchase the Treasures of the Desert Special sale to earn 5 Treasure Scrolls, but you will earn 40 Treasure Scrolls if you purchase the Treasure Scroll Package.


There are 2 modes that you can enjoy during this event; Into the Desert and Treasure Hunter. Keep in mind that every mode has different costs and effects.

The following events may be triggered as you enjoy the varying modes:

Event Description
Sands Coming All Antiques in bags are regenerated randomly in terms of level and type.
Dusty Treasure Chest This event fills your bag with random level 1 Antiques.
Treasure Pot All Antiques in your bag are replaced with random Antiques of one level higher.
Treasure Chamber Fill your bag with random Antiques.


Every Antique in Evony has a different probability in the different modes of the event. The table below lists some of the probabilities:

Antique Into the Desert Treasure Hunter
Old Iron Sword 23.25 percent 3.39 percent
Leather 23.25 percent 3.39 percent
Dusty Treasure Chest 2.32 percent Not applicable
Sands Coming 2.32 percent Not applicable

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