Evony: Tomyris or Edward, which one is better?

Edward and Tomyris are both ranged Generals in Evony, however, one specialises in attack, while the other defends your keep.

In this tactical game, Evony: The King’s Return, players can build an empire up from the ground in medieval times. As the lord or lady of a keep, it is up to you to construct buildings, defend your kingdom, gather resources, and attack other players.

The game has an array of activities and events you can partake in, however, you have to recruit Generals first. There are many Generals you can collect, some of which are better than others.

Players have had numerous debates about which General is better; Tomyris or Edward the Black Prince.


Although Generals may seem like a simple idea to some, they are an essential part of the game. This is because you basically use them in everything, including crafting, fighting, and building.

Keep in mind that the better the General is, the more effective they will be in their role. Certain Generals are specialists at certain tasks and roles.

It is noteworthy that some Generals perform best in player-versus-player (PvP) situations, while others are excellent at player-versus-environment (PvE) modes. Players can find the following General types in the game:

  • Ranged player-versus-player
  • Ground PvP
  • Mounted PvP
  • Siege PvP
  • Wall Defence
  • Monster Hunter
  • Monster Looter
  • Gathering
  • Duty
  • Subordinate City

Evony: Tomyris or Edward, which one is better?

Edward the Black Prince and Tomyris are both Epic, Gold Generals that you can recruit in Evony: The King’s Return. Edward costs approximately 38 000 000 gold, and Tomyris costs 60 000 000 gold.

Evony: Tomyris or Edward, which one is better?
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Both of them fall into the ranged category, but they have unique skills and abilities that determine their roles on the battlefield. Allegedly, Tomyris is one of the best attacking ranged Generals in the game, and Edward is one of the best defending ranged Generals.

Hence, it cannot be said who is better, as their roles differ on the battlefield. Moreover, it depends on what type of strategy you are playing with. If you focus on attack, you should use Tomyris, but if your strategy is to defend your keep, you should use Edward.

Tomyris can go through the ascension process, but Edward cannot. It is for this reason that many Evony players decide to use Tomyris instead of Edward. Ascension enables you to ascend Generals up to 10 Star levels, which is 5 levels more than through the standard enhancing feature.

If you are focused on attacking and dealing damage to other players or enemies, it is recommended that you select Tomyris.

However, you should note that you have to use rare and valuable materials to complete the ascension process. Use Edward if you are focused on defending your keep from other players.

Evony: Tomyris or Edward, which one is better?
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Tomyris and Edward’s statistics

All Generals in Evony start with base statistics, which will increase as they reach higher levels.

General Statistic Level 1 with no stars Level 35 with 5 stars Fully cultivated level 35 with 5 stars Fully cultivated level 40 with 5 stars
Tomyris Leadership 112 882 1382 1496
Attack 108 831 1331 1437
Defence 116 896 1396 1510
Politics 114 819 1319 1432
Edward Leadership 111 869 1369 1480
Attack 109 818 1218 1423
Defence 116 863 1363 1472
Politics 94 746 1264 1363

According to the table, Tomyris has better statistics than Edward. Although it is a slight difference, it can have a significant impact on your overall gameplay.

Tomyris and Edward’s skills

As previously mentioned, all Generals in the game have unique skills to aid them in battle. Edward’s special skill, Rain of Arrows, increases your ranged troops’ attack by 25 percent and reduces the enemy mounted troops’ attack by 15 percent when he is leading the army.

Tomyris ability, Queen of Revenge, increases the ranged troops attack by 35 percent when she is leading the army to attack. The skill also increases Rally Capacity by 5 percent when Tomyris is leading the army to launch an Alliance War.

Edward and Tomyris’ builds

Although their skills differ, Edward and Tomyris can use the same build, as both of them focus on ranged player-versus-player battles:

Equipment Focus
Bow Ranged troop attack percentage x 4
Armour Ranged troop defence percentage x 4
Boots Ranged troop defence percentage x 4
Helmet Ranged troop health point percentage x 4
Leg armour Ranged troop health point percentage x 4
Ring Ranged troop attack percentage x 4

Their skill books should be:

  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Attack: increases ranged attacks by 25 percent
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Range Bonus: ranged troop range +100
  • Level 4 March Size: increases march size by 12 percent

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