Evony: Thunder Lord

Evony players were able to unlock the Thunder Lord Image by purchasing an in-game package which has now been removed from the game.

You can vanquish monsters, build traps, recruit Generals, explore relics, train troops and harvest resources in this adventurous video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

Although the objective of the event is to expand your empire, players will get the opportunity to customize their monarch’s appearance. One of the images you can unlock is Thunder Lord.

Avatar customizations

The objective of Evony is to expand your empire as much as possible, however, you may receive Avatar customizations as you do so.

Although there is not a diverse customization feature in the game, gamers can still customize their Generals, the appearance of their Monarchs, troops and playstyle.

Some customizations can be obtained by completing some objectives, or by participating in certain in-game events.

Keep in mind that there are customization options that can only be unlocked when you purchase a package with money.

Evony: Thunder Lord

Players can change their Avatar, Avatar Frame as well as their Image. The customization menu can be accessed by selecting your monarch icon in the upper left corner of the game.

On the new menu, you can select the “Monarch Details” tab to customize your monarch even further.

There are several customization options in the Avatar and Avatar Frame menu, but players will only have access to 1 Image, as2 of the Images are locked, while the 3rd Image is the default option.

One of the Images that gamers can acquire is Thunder Lord and by unlocking it, you can change your image to a Lord with long, silver locks paired with a gracious beard.

Since the Thunder Lord Image has been released in Evony, several players want to know how to unlock it.

Unfortunately, you cannot participate in an event, or complete a certain objective to unlock the new Image. The only way to unlock the Thunder Lord Image is by purchasing an in-game package.

You therefore have to use real money to purchase the Almighty Power Package to unlock the new image.

Similarly to other packages in Evony, the Almighty Power Package was only available for some time, and it has now been removed from the game.

At the time of writing, it is impossible to unlock the Thunder Lord Image, as the pack containing the item has been removed.

However, it is highly likely that Evony may release the Almighty Power Package in the future again, but the game may also release an entirely new package that contains the Thunder Lord Image.

You should therefore check which packages are available for purchase regularly.

Evony: Thunder Lord
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Does the Thunder Lord Image yield any bonuses?

As previously mentioned, you can customize your Generals by equipping them with specific gear and weapons. By equipping your Generals with gear and weapons, they will become stronger.

For this reason, players assume that by equipping the Thunder Lord Image, they will receive a bonus or buff.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, as you will not receive any bonuses or buffs if you equip the Thunder Lord image.

This item is purely cosmetic, and its only objective is to change the appearance of your Monarch for other players to view.

How to purchase a package

When the Thunder Lord Image is available for purchase again, players should note that it is highly likely to be part of a pack. This means that you have to purchase the entire pack to unlock the Image.

Although this is not an ideal situation, the items of the pack will definitely impact your gameplay.

If a package containing the Image becomes available, you have to select the “Buy” option, which is beneath the package’s contents.

Evony players then have to follow the given instructions to complete the payment. You may have to enter payment details to finalize the purchase if you are yet to do so.

Once the package is purchased, you will receive the items instantly and unlock the Thunder Lord Image.

How to equip the Thunder Lord Image

After unlocking the Thunder Lord Image, you have to open your “Monarch Details” menu, which can be found by selecting your monarch’s icon in the upper left corner of the game.

In the Details menu, your image will appear with a green icon and if you select the green icon, you can change your Avatar, Avatar Frame and Image.

You have to select the Image option and then click on the Thunder Lord image to activate it. You can disable this image at any time by selecting one of the other images that you have unlocked.

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