Evony: Thanksgiving Feast

During Evony’s Thanksgiving Feast, Monarchs have to defeat Turkeys to earn ingredients, which can be used to make a Thanksgiving Feast meal.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous video game that invites players to assume the role of a monarch in medieval times. You have to recruit historically famous Generals to help win your battles and expand your empire.

Thanksgiving Feast

In addition to completing quests, defeating foes and attacking other players, you can enjoy various in-game events.

Some of these events follow the theme of real life events, such as the holiday season, Thanksgiving and Halloween, among others.

At the time of writing, players can participate in the Thanksgiving Feast, which consists of 4 tasks that you have to complete  to earn rewards. You can therefore enjoy Turkey Terminator, Feast Cook, Feast Predator and Gastronome.

Evony: Thanksgiving Feast
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Monarchs should remember that each of these activities have unique objectives they should complete in order to earn rewards.

For Turkey Terminator, you can get ingredients for the Thanksgiving Feast by killing Angry Turkeys on the world map.

Feast Cook, on the other hand, requires that you collect the ingredients to open a Thanksgiving Feast on the world map. The feast can be shared with Alliance members.

For Feast Predator, you can plunder Thanksgiving Feasts opened by other Alliances on the world map. Gastronome allows gamers to earn Thanksgiving Food items from a Thanksgiving Feast.

You can enjoy these activities for 8 days, which means that you have until Tuesday, 28 November 2023 to earn the rewards. When the event concludes, all the Thanksgiving features will be removed from Evony.


To earn rich rewards during the Thanksgiving Feast, you have to complete certain activities. The following table lists more details about the event:

Category Description
Turkey Terminator Players have to kill up to 500 Turkeys to earn a Turkey Package.
Feast Cook You can open up to 50 Thanksgiving Feasts to get the Cook’s Reward.
Feast Predator Alliances must plunder up to 100 Thanksgiving Food Items to earn a Courage Certificate.
Gastronome You can use up to 200 Thanksgiving Food items to receive a Gastronome Medal.

Angry Turkey

During the Thanksgiving Feast event, players must kill Angry Turkeys on the world map.

Unfortunately, these foes can spawn on random tiles, which means that players have to search the world map until they have found an Angry Turkey.

When you have found an Angry Turkey, you can attack the enemy to earn exciting rewards. Before attacking an Angry Turkey, we recommend that you look at your winning odds.

After vanquishing the turkey, you can earn some of the rewards which are listed below:

Item Description
Pumpkin Players can collect a pumpkin to open the Thanksgiving Feast.
Cranberry This ingredient can be used to open the Thanksgiving Feast.
Turkey Once you have this ingredient, you can use it to open the Thanksgiving Feast.
Yam Monarchs have to collect this ingredient to open the Thanksgiving Feast.

How to defeat the Angry Turkey

In order to progress in the Thanksgiving Feast event, you have to vanquish Angry Turkeys on the world map. When you have found an Angry Turkey, you have to kill it to earn one of the Thanksgiving Ingredient Items.

Fortunately, all the Angry Turkeys are on level 1, which means that players can easily destroy the Turkeys to earn the Thanksgiving Feast Ingredient Items. So you do not have to use your strongest General and troops to defeat Turkey.

This means that even low-level Evony players can defeat an Angry Turkey and earn the ingredients  to participate in the event.

How to use Thanksgiving Feast Items

Once you have acquired a Yam, Cranberry, Turkey and Pumpkin, you can go to your inventory to use the items. After using the items, you will receive a Thanksgiving Feast, which you can share with your Alliance members.

To complete Feast Cook, you need 50 Yams, 50 Cranberries, 50 Turkeys and 50 Pumpkins. Only when you have opened 50 Thanksgiving Feasts will you receive a Cook’s Reward.

The same principle applies to the Gastronome Medal, however, you need to use 200 Thanksgiving Food items to get the medal.

Monarchs should note that there is no guarantee that if they defeat an Angry Turkey, they will receive a Thanksgiving Feast Ingredient Item.

You may therefore have to destroy 20 Turkeys to receive an item, or you may receive all the necessary items if you vanquish 4 Turkeys.

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