Evony: Talent tree

The talent tree in Evony allows players to unlock certain buffs and attributes for their monarch, which have a direct influence on the gameplay.


Players are invited to build an empire from the ground up in this strategic role-playing mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. As its name suggests, the game is based on the classic video game, Evony, which means that you will experience similar content and features.

The game has a variety of activities and events for you to enjoy, but you should first create and select your monarch, which is a character that enables players to control their troops and city. You cannot play the game or participate in its activities without a monarch.

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What is the objective of having multiple activities?

It has been proven that having a variety of activities and events keeps players interested and engrossed in the game. Additionally, the different activities offer assorted content to players, which suggests that more people will find something enjoyable in the game.

The game’s developers regularly host in-game events, during which players can acquire rare and desirable items. This ensures that players do not find the game dull, and it serves as a motivation for them to play the game more often to receive the items.

Some of the activities and events may be locked, but you will gain access to them if you meet the specific requirements. This is another way to motivate players to play the game more frequently.

Evony: Talent tree

One of the features that you can enjoy in the game is the talent tree, however, it is not really a tree as we know it. Instead, it consists of several talents that can be unlocked once you reach the required level.

As you level up, you will see a line form between the talents you chose, which creates the tree effect.

evony monarch talent
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It is worth noting that the talent tree only applies to your monarch and it can be found in your monarch’s profile. Players can click on the character icon, situated on the upper left corner.

There, you will find a tab labelled “Talent.” You can then discover all the talents your monarch can unlock when they reach specific levels.

Keep in mind that your monarch needs to get monarch experience in order to receive talent points, which you can use to unlock talents.

How to acquire monarch experience

Players need to procure monarch experience to receive talent points. It can thus be said that you will not be able to unlock new talents without increasing your monarch’s level.

You can gain monarch experience by attacking monsters, joining boss rallies, and completing your daily quests. Moreover, you can donate items at the Shrine, one of the infrastructures in your keep, to get monarch experience.

Alternatively, you can use monarch experience items, which give you a certain amount of experience based on the item. If you use the 1000 monarch experience item, you will receive 1000 monarch experience.

Monarch talents

The game currently features more than 10 different monarch talents for you to choose from. Keep in mind that every level has 3 talents for you to choose from. Once your monarch has reached the necessary level, you will be able to select any of the 3 talents if you have talent points available.

The following table highlights some of the talents you can choose:

Level Talent Description


It allows you a troop death rate capacity when attacking monsters to protect your troops

Research speed

This talent increases your keep’s research speed

Troop load

It increases troop load capacity

Subordinate City Attack

Every Subordinate City can boost troop attack
Evony: Talent tTree
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Which talents should you choose?

The talents you should choose depends on an array of factors, such as where you are in the game and the style of gaming you prefer. The following table lists the recommended talents for both beginner and veteran players:

Level Beginners Veteran
2 Free Construction Offering
6 Builder Duration Mortality
10 Research Speed Archer Tower Attack
14 Healing Cost Healing Cost
18 Stamina Regeneration Resources Plunder
22 Resources Critical Resources Critical
26 Gathering Boost Gathering Boost or Hospital Capacity
30 Troop Upkeep In City Health Points
31 In City Health Points Attack survival
Evony: Talent tTree
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Final thoughts

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling strategic, role-playing mobile game that takes place in medieval times. In this game, players can take on the role of a lord or a lady to build an empire from the ground up while participating in other activities and events.

One of the features you can enjoy in the game is the talent tree, which is made up of numerous talents that can be unlocked once you reach the required level. These talents can alter your gameplay significantly, as they have the ability to apply certain buffs on your troops and keep.

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