Evony: Sword of Merit

During Evony’s Imperial Ceremony event, Monarchs can use their Sword of Merits to redeem a variety of rewards.

Evony players are now able to participate in an array of Napoleon-based events to earn rich rewards.

One of these events that you can enjoy is Imperial Ceremony, which allows players to use Napoleon Gold Coins and Napoleon Silver Coins to increase Ceremony Points.

When you have procured a certain number of Ceremony Points, you will earn a variety of rewards. When other members in your Alliance earn Ceremony Points, you will also earn an equal quantity of Points.

Players can earn Napoleon Silver Coins by harvesting resources and defeating enemies on the world map. You will receive a certain number of Napoleon Gold Coins for free on a daily basis.

However, if you are interested in obtaining additional Gold Coins, you have to purchase an event package with real money.

It is noteworthy that the Bonaparte Dynasty package only consists of 5 Napoleon Gold Coins, which means that you may have to purchase a few packages to get enough Gold Coins.

If you purchase the Imperial Ceremony package, you will receive 15 Napoleon Gold Coins, however, it is more expensive.

Evony: Sword of Merit
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Once you have procured enough Napoleon Gold Coins, either for free or by purchasing event packages, you can exchange them for Sword of Merits. Monarchs can use their Sword of Merits to redeem items in the event menu.

Keep in mind though that each item in the redeem menu requires a specific number of Sword of Merits.

Items you can redeem

There are various items that you can redeem using your Sword of Merits, and the more valuable the item is, the more Sword of Merits you need to acquire:

Item Quantity of Sword of Merits required
Marshal of the Empire – Suchet Skin 2500
Ceremony Music 500
Historic General (Nordic Barbarian King) 500
Historic General (Zizka) 500
Historic General (Nero) 200
Blood Crystal 25
Merit Jade 5
Glory Golden Twig 6
Blood of Ares 5
Junior Blazon Chest 15
Art Treasure Scroll Chest 5
Refining Stone 5
Runestone Chest 5
Dragon Crystal 5
Dragon Source Fragment 5
Material Bag (Silk Road) 25
Tactic Scroll 20


Players who are interested in additional Napoleon Gold Coins can purchase event packages with real-life money.

The Imperial Ceremony package costs approximately $11.32, while the Bonaparte Dynasty package costs approximately $5.53.

In addition to the Napoleon Gold Coins, you will get the following items:

Package Items
Bonaparte Dynasty
  • 6 5 000 Gems
  • 1 Level 1 Optional Chest
  • 1 Level 4 Premium Gear Chest
  • 5 Merit Jades
  • 3 Glory Golden Twigs
  • 1 Forge Master Certificate
  • 8 Blood Crystals
  • 20 Subordinate City Clue Chests
  • 5 Artwork Fragment Chests
  • 4 Blood of Ares
  • 4 Treasure Boxes
  • 6 Dragon Source Fragments
  • Gold
  • 75 Source of Life
  • Speed Ups
  • Stamina
  • 5 Advanced Troop March Speed Up
  • Advanced Royal Waybill
  • Monarch Experience Points
  • General Experience Points
Imperial Ceremony
  • 25 5000 Gems
  • 6 Blood of Ares
  • 30 Super Resources Chests
  • 8 Treasure Boxes
  • 55 Tactic Scrolls
  • 20 Dragon Source Fragments
  • 12 Dragon Crystals
  • 180 Runestone Chests
  • 360 Refining Stones
  • 75 Research Stones
  • 60 Source of Life
  • 25 Material bags
  • Resources
  • Gold
  • Speed Up
  • Monarch Experience Points
  • General Experience Points

Do you have to purchase a package?

There are several players who are not willing to spend real money in Evony, but fortunately, it is not mandatory to purchase a package. You can still participate in the Imperial Ceremony event without a package.

As previously explained, you can collect Napoleon Silver Coins by harvesting resources and defeating monsters on the world map.

You can exchange your Napoleon Silver Coins for Badges of Honor, which can also be used to redeem a range of items.

Furthermore, you will receive 10 Napoleon Gold Coins for free, which can be traded for Sword of Merits. You can also stack your Sword of Merits to redeem items.

Ranking rewards

In addition to the items you can redeem, you can receive ranking rewards by accumulating Ceremony Points.

The more Points you accumulate, the more rewards you will get. Although the rewards for the ranks are very similar, the quantities differs.

For example, if you reach the top 1 rank, you will receive 45 Blood of Ares, however, if you reach rank 7, you will receive 10 Blood of Ares.

Furthermore, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Invincible Army
  • Gems
  • Blood of Ares
  • Source of Life
  • Super Resource Chest
  • Gold
  • Speed Up

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