Evony: Sub City Generals

In Evony, payers can allocate Generals to their Subordinate Cities to place buffs on their troops, and debuffs on attacking enemies.


Players can assume the role of a lord or a lady in this exhilarating video game, Evony: The King’s Return. As the name suggests, it is part of the classic video game series, Evony.

As such, you can expect similar gameplay and content. In this game, you can build an empire from the ground up in medieval times.

Players can enjoy an array of activities, but to do this, they first have to acquire a few Generals. The game has numerous puzzles that you have to solve to advance in the main storyline. The puzzles function as levels, which means that you have to solve one puzzle to move on to the next.

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What is a General?

Generals are your empire’s leaders, and they are in control of your troops’ marches to gather resources or to attack other players. They can also lead your armies in defeating bosses, who spawn on tiles anywhere on the map. Generals can also act as Mayors of Subordinate Cities.

You can recruit new Generals from the Tavern – one of the main infrastructures in the game. All the Generals are divided into varying categories, which are determined by their rarity.

Some Generals have historic backgrounds, as they are based on real-world leaders from different cultures, including Japan, Korea, Europe, and Russia, among others.

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Evony: Sub City Generals

Similarly to other games, Evony: The King’s Choice contains various buffs and debuffs. Players are constantly trying to increase troop type relevant buffs, while they are building debuffs against other players.

The easiest way to do this is with the use of Subordinate City Generals. These types of Generals are also known as Debuff Generals, as they have a variety of skills to decrease the enemies’ attack, health, and defence.

Every player can have up to 9 Subordinate Cities, which means that they can have up to 9 Sub City Generals. Allegedly, their buffs would stack against the enemies.

Considering that there are different types of Sub City Generals, players should choose theirs carefully in order to maximise the best skills to debuff enemies. The following table lists some of the best Sub City Generals and their debuffs:

General Attack Defence Health Points

Darius I

Decrease attack by 115 percent 0 percent Decrease enemies’ health points by 80 percent

Empress Dowager Cixi

0 percent Decrease enemies’ defence by 139 percent Decrease enemies’ health points by 40 per cent

Cnut the Great

Decrease enemies’ attack by 121 per cent Decrease enemies’ defence by 26 percent Decrease enemies’ health points by 26 percent


Decrease enemies’ attack by 124 percent 0 percent Decrease enemies’ health points by 40 percent
evony darius I
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How does a General affect a Sub City?

Every Sub City in the game can have a major assigned to it, which will impact how the city grows. Supposedly, higher level Generals can increase the building speed and training speed for the Sub City.

The city will also be affected when you allocate additional skills to the General. Keep in mind that a Historic General activates the training speed boost for troops in that specific city.

A General with a Leadership and Politics statistic of 900 will activate the War Tactics buff. Subsequently, it will increase the Death into Survival Rate for that city.

Sub City Buffs

Every Sub City offers different buffs, which will have a direct influence on certain aspects of your city. Players should thus pick their Subordinate Cities in accordance with their playstyle. The percentages of the city buff will increase as you increase the rarity of the city.

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There are currently 5 different Sub City rarities, including common, uncommon, excellent, legendary, and gold. The following table outlines the buffs the Europe Sub Cities can provide according to their rarity:

Rarity Hunting: General (experience per monster kill)
Common 2 percent
Uncommon 4 percent
Excellent 6 percent
Legendary 8 percent
Epic 10 percent

How to occupy a Sub City

Before your Generals can place debuffs on enemies, you must occupy a Sub City, which can be found on the world map. Players can occupy a Sub City by attacking it, however, if the Sub City is occupied at the time, they will have to attack it 10 times.

When you occupy a new Sub City, it will reset to level 1. Although, when you occupy a Sub City you used to own, it will be reset to the previous level.

Final thoughts

In this thrilling video game, Evony: The King’s Return, players are invited to take on the role of a lord or a lady. As the name suggests, it forms part of the popular video game series, Evony.

Players can thus expect similar gameplay and content. In this game, you can build an empire from the ground up in medieval times.

There are numerous Subordinate Cities available on the map for you to occupy. Once you have occupied a Sub City, you need to select a General who will apply various buffs on your troops. Moreover, they will place debuffs on your enemies to help you succeed in battle.

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