Evony: Soul of Kong

Players can acquire the Soul of Kong during The Guardian of Skull Island event in Evony, but you first have to procure Spiritual Beast Scales.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous role-playing game in which you have to build an empire from scratch.

As the lord or lady of your keep, you can enjoy several activities such as completing quests and defeating enemies. Players can also acquire Spiritual Beasts, one of which is Kong, but you first have to get the Soul of Kong.

What is a Spiritual Beast?

Spiritual Beasts are a unique type of troop that will fight alongside your Generals. They cannot die –  they just work like gears. This ultimately means that they will only improve your General’s statistics.

Players can find their Spiritual Beasts in the Pasture building in their keep. But bear in mind that to construct a Pasture, you have to at least be on keep level 21. After constructing your Pasture, you have to upgrade it  regularly to provide the best care for your Spiritual Beasts.

Spiritual Beasts can be upgraded to boost your General’s statistics even more. You can use 4 different Spiritual Beasts, and each Spiritual Beast has a unique effect on your Generals.

Evony: Soul of Kong

Evony occasionally hosts in-game events. During an in-game event, players have to complete certain allocated tasks or obtain items to earn valuable rewards. Sometimes, the items that you can acquire during an event can only be obtained from that specific event.

Evony: Soul of Kong
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The Guardian of Skull Island is a unique Evony event that allows players to acquire the Soul of Kong, which you can use to unlock the Spiritual Beast, Kong. In order to acquire the Soul, you have to get 400 Spiritual Beast Scales.

During the limited time of the event, you can get multiple rewards, including the Spiritual Beast Scale Box. Keep in mind that this box can only be procured with real-life money. Once you have purchased a box, you can open it to receive 1 or more Spiritual Beast Scales.

Players can consume Spiritual Beast Scales to redeem rare items like a Spiritual Beast unlocking item, Spiritual Beast experience points, and Spiritual Beast Badges. Evony gamers should note that they can only redeem each Spiritual Beast unlocking item once.

If you are not interested in purchasing the Spiritual Beast Scale Box, you can defeat monsters and boss monsters on the world map. After successfully killing monsters, there is a chance that you could receive Spiritual Beast Scales.

Once you have 400 Spiritual Beast Scales, you can redeem the Soul of Kong. Players can use this item to unlock the Spiritual Beast, Kong. After redeeming the beast, you can find it within your Pasture.

How to redeem the Soul of Kong

Unlike other events in Evony, the Guardian of Skull Island cannot be found within the Event Center. Instead, you have to open the “Valuable Event” page, which is at the bottom of the game’s main screen.

In the Valuable Event menu, scroll until you find the Guardian of Skull Island event. There are 2 tabs in the new menu, you should select the “Redeem Spiritual Beast” tab.

If you have enough Spiritual Beast Scales, you can click on the “Redeem” option, which is next to the Soul of Kong icon.

Spiritual Beast Package

If you are interested in purchasing the Spiritual Beast Package, you will get several items. Keep in mind that this package can only be purchased with real-life money. The package costs approximately $11.77.

If you purchase the package, you will receive the following items:

Item Quantity
5000 Gems 10
Spiritual Beast Scale Box 1
5000 Spiritual Beast Experience Points 50
10 000 Spiritual Beast Experience Points 50
10 million Gold 25
Resource Boxes 200

In addition to the items above, you will also receive several Speed Ups, which can reduce the time on your upgrades.

How to train Kong

After getting the Kong Spiritual Beast, you have to train him to improve his statistics. This can be done in 2 ways; either by increasing his level using Spiritual Beast experience points or smelting.

Keep in mind that smelting requires upgrading quilting items using gems, medals, gold, and smelted items.

Once your Kong has reached level 20, he will have the following effects:

Statistic Quantity
Marching Ranged Troop Attack 104 percent
Attacking Ranged Troop and Siege Machine health points 104 percent
Enemy Mounted Troop defence Decreased by 52 percent
March Size Capacity Increased by 26 percent

It is recommended that you allocate Kong to a General which specializes in Ranged and Siege Machine troops. This is because Kong will increase the General’s statistics even more if you use Ranged and Siege Machine troops during a battle.

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