Evony: Soul Binding

Evony recently released Soul Binding, which enables players to link a General to another, however, this requires Binding Essence.

In this thrilling video game, Evony: The King’s Return, you can assume the role of a lord or lady during medieval times.

The objective is to expand your empire by constructing buildings, recruiting Generals and vanquishing enemies.

The game recently announced that players can enjoy the Soul Binding feature, which has several requirements.


Evony releases their updates with in-game announcements, which means that you have to check your in-game mail regularly to see if a new feature has been updated.

On Friday, 15 September 2023, Evony announced the Autumn Ceremony event, General Laudon, Trivia Hecate as well as the Wheel of Past Secret Event.

All of the new features have specific objectives and requirements which gamers should be aware of. Fortunately, the in-game announcement shares all the details surrounding the new feature.

The latest announcement was made on Monday, 18 September 2023 to inform players that the Server War has concluded.

Evony: Soul Binding

In addition to the Autumn Ceremony event, General Laudon, Trivia Hecate and the Wheel of Past Secret Event, Evony also announced that players can now enjoy the Soul Binding feature.

The announcement revealed that you can access the new feature through the Council of State – Soul Binding in your city.

To participate in this feature, you must procure Binding Essence by participating in the King’s Party event.

By consuming Binding Essence, you can completely share the General level, Original Speciality Level and Cultivating Attributes of a General who has reached level 35 and Max Original Specialities with another General with the same tag.

Keep in mind, though, that every binding can last for approximately 15 days. After accepting and completing a 15-day binding, the accepter’s Bound Times will be increased by 1.

When the Bound Times reach 10, the acceptor will no longer need to consume Binding Essence for subsequent Soul Bindings permanently.

Players can interrupt a Soul Binding at any time, but the unbound Soul Binding will not count toward the Bound Times.

When you unbind a Binding, a portion of the Binding Essence that you consumed will be returned based on the remaining binding time.

When a General who has been bound more than once is dismissed, a portion of the Binding Essence will be returned, but the Bound Time of the General will be reset to 0.

Keep in mind, however, that you can only do one General binding at a time.

Monarchs should also remember that the initiator and the acceptor of a binding cannot be selected for the same troop.

When the Soul Binding ends, the acceptor will return to his or her original state, therefore, you have to remember to renew it 3 days in advance.

Evony: Soul Binding
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Obtaining Binding Essence

Players can procure Binding Essence by participating in the King’s Party event. Unfortunately, this means that you need to use real money if you are interested in obtaining Binding Essence.

During the King’s Party event, you can gain Party Cake’s experiences by purchasing basic Gems.

If you upgrade the Party Cake’s level, you will receive wondrous rewards, including Binding Essence. The approximate prices for each cake level are as follows:

Cake Approximate prices
1 30 ($20 total)
2 50 ($100 total)
3 50 ($200 total)
4 Unknown

Which Generals are eligible for Soul Binding

At the time of writing this, Soul Binding is only available for Military Generals, however, Soul Binding between Development Generals, Officers and Mayors is coming soon. This means that only Generals for combat can be linked currently.

It is unknown when the Soul Binding for Development, Duty Officers and Subordinate City Mayors will be released, but we recommend that players regularly check their in-game announcements for further details.


Evony players should note that the Generals to be linked must be at least level 35, have 4 max specialities (non-flexible) and be Star Level 10s.

 There is no minimum Monarch level required, however, since the General requirements are so high, low-level players will not be able to enjoy the new Soul Binding feature.

It is therefore believed that only mid-game and endgame players will be able to link their Generals and gain benefits.

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