Evony: Solar and Lunar Monarch

Evony players can now acquire the Solar and Lunar Monarch Images by purchasing a limited-time package with real money

As the lord or lady of a keep in Evony: The King’s Return, you have to expand your empire by completing a range of tasks.

Monarchs can recruit Generals, destroy monsters, attack other players and harvest resources to progress in the game.

Solar and Lunar Monarch

In addition to completing quests and expanding your empire, you can also participate in numerous events to earn rich rewards. Generally, in an event,  players have to complete certain tasks or objectives in order to earn these rewards.

However, the Solar and Lunar Package Event does not function like other events in Evony. This is because it does not require that players complete a certain objective or earn a certain item.

Instead, it invites players to purchase a limited-time package to receive several items. If you purchase this package, you will receive the Solar and Lunar Monarch Image Chest.

Players can use this item to get either the Moonlight Seer Monarch Image or the Luminous Brilliance Monarch Image. If you have obtained both images, you can give it to other players or use it to get other rare items.

Evony: Solar and Lunar Monarch
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If you are interested in both Monarch Items, you allegedly have to purchase the package 2 times, which means that you will earn double the items.

Keep in mind, however, that this package costs approximately $116,75 and therefore, most players will only purchase the package once.

Solar and Lunar Package

In addition to the Solar and Lunar Monarch Images, you will receive 25 items which will have a great influence on your gameplay. The table below lists some of the items that you will earn:

Item Description
Epic Historic General (Premium) You can use this item to get an Epic Historic General from a selection which cannot be recruited in the Tavern.
Junior Blazon Chest Monarchs can open this chest to get a random level 1 Blazon.
Refining Stone Players can refine their Equipment with this item.
Dragon Source Fragment This item is required to awaken Dragons and Sacred Dragons’ Talents
Soul Crystal You can use this item to revive troop souls.
Badge Players can use this item to upgrade the Wonder and General Equipment.

Should you purchase the package?

Although the package’s contents are very valuable, players can acquire most of the resources and materials for free by simply completing certain tasks or by destroying a certain monster.

However, it will take you some time to procure the same amount of resources as the package has to offer, which is why some players prefer to purchase the package.

The Epic Historic General (Premium) and the Solar and Lunar Monarch Images are the only items that you cannot acquire for free by completing certain activities.

If you are interested in the Solar and Lunar Monarch Images, we recommend that you purchase the package, though it will not have any effect on your overall gameplay.

Do the Solar and Lunar Monarch Images have special effects?

Since the Solar and Lunar Monarch Images were released in Evony, several players have wondered whether they will get unique effects by activating them or not.

Unfortunately, you do not receive any bonuses, effects and buffs after activating the Solar and Lunar Monarch Images.

This item is purely cosmetic, which means that it’s only objective is to change how your Monarch appears to other gamers on the world map.

Since the Monarch Images do not provide any unique effects to Generals or Troops, several players decided to not purchase the package.

How to activate the Monarch Images

Once you have a Solar or Lunar Monarch Image, you have to select your Monarch Icon, which can be found in the upper left corner of the game’s main page.

On the new menu, you have to click on the “Detail” tab, which lists your statistics, rank, alliance and power.

However, in this menu, you will notice a green icon on your Monarch’s Image and if you click on the green icon, you will be able to select the “Change Image” option.

Evony players are then able to select either the Solar Monarch Image or the Lunar Monarch Image. Keep in mind that you can change your Monarch Image at any given time for free.

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