Evony: Skull Island Memories

During the Evony: The King’s Return event called Truth Seeker, you have to find Truth Seeker’s items in order to create chests for Skull Island Memories.

Evony: The King’s Return is an exciting role-playing game that invites gamers to build an empire in the medieval era. In addition to building your keep, you can participate in in-game events, defeat enemies, attack other players, and harvest resources.

One of the events that you can enjoy is Truth seeker, which consists of Skull Island Memories.

In-game events

When an in-game event is active, you can encounter Evony in a new, unique way for a limited time. These occasional features generally motivate players to play the game if they had been neglecting it for some time previously.

You usually have to complete tasks or obtain certain items during an event. If you complete the event’s objectives, you can earn great rewards. It is noteworthy that the items you acquire during an event can sometimes only be obtained from that specific event.

Most in-game events have themes that correspond to real-life events or movies. For instance, Evony is currently hosting in-game events that are based on the classic King Kong movie.

Evony: Skull Island Memories

Skull Island Memories, along with the Adventure Record, forms the Truth Seeker event.

The event will conclude on 9 January 2023, so players have to ensure that they have acquired as many items from the event as possible. This is because all items and chests will be removed from Evony after the event concludes.

In order to participate in the Skull Island Memories event, you have to get 5 different items from resource spots and monsters. You can acquire the Truth Seeker’s Map, Truth Seeker’s Daily, Truth Seeker’s Pen, Truth Seeker’s Inkpot, and the Truth Seeker’s Magnifier.

Once you have acquired 3 items, you can compose them to receive Iwi Chests on 10 different levels. Players can open an Iwi Chest to get rich rewards. You could also receive the Skullcrawler Killer avatar frame from an Iwi Chest.

Evony: Skull Island Memories
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It is important to note that the items create varying levels of Iwi chests. For instance, if you compose the Truth Seeker’s Pen, Truth Seeker’s Inkpot, and the Truth Seeker’s Magnifying glass, you will unlock the level 10 Iwi Chest, which allegedly contains the best rewards.

You thus have to create different combinations of the Truth Seeker’s items to find out what level of chest it will create. Each chest contains unique rewards, therefore, you have to create 10 distinct combinations.

It is crucial to note that you have to obtain the necessary items before you can create the different combinations.

How to get Truth Seeker’s items

In order to compose Iwi Chests, you have to acquire specific items, namely,  Truth Seeker’s Map, Truth Seeker’s Daily, Truth Seeker’s Pen, Truth Seeker’s Inkpot, and the Truth Seeker’s Magnifier.

These items can be found by defeating monsters on the world map and harvesting resources.

In order to defeat a monster, select the appropriate General and specific troops for the battle. By clicking on monsters on the world map, you can see what your chances are of defeating the monster.

If the chances are extremely high, it is recommended that you go ahead and defeat it.

However, if the chances are lower, your troops and General may be unsuccessful and could lose the battle.

How to harvest resources

Although you can construct resource locations in your keep, you have to harvest resources on the world map to procure Truth Seeker items. To harvest resources, you can open your world map and select any resource locations.

Evony players have to click on the “Occupy” option to harvest the available resources. You should keep in mind that you have to select your General and troop types before you march. It is advisable that you select a General that specialises in harvesting resources.

It may take some time before your troops return to your keep. Once they have returned, you will find out whether you were able to get a Truth Seeker Item.

What rewards can you acquire from Iwi Chests?

Although the chests contain unique items, most of the items that you receive from the chests can be used to boost your gameplay. The table below lists some of the items that you can expect to get from chests, and provides a description of each:

Item Description
Material Chests Players can open these chests to procure various materials
Speed Up Speed Ups can be used to decrease the duration of upgrading or constructing buildings. Some speed ups can also be used to decrease researching time
General Experience Points You can use this item to increase your Generals’ levels

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