Evony: Skill Books

Skill Books in Evony: The King’s Return enables players to add additional skills and buffs to their Generals, though each General requires specific Skill Books.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous role-playing game that invites players to assume the role of a lord or lady during medieval times.

You have to construct a keep while defeating enemies and harvesting resources. To assist you, you can recruit Generals who need various skill books.

Generals in Evony

Although to some, Generals may seem like a simple feature in Evony, they are actually an essential component of the game. This is because players use Generals in everything in the game, which includes researching, crafting, constructing, and fighting.

Bear in mind that every General has a certain specialisation. The better the General is, the more effective they will be in their roles.

For instance, Simeon the Great is seen as one of the best Generals for a ranged player-versus-player battle. You should thus use him in battles and not for harvesting resources.

It is vital that you know the specialisation of your Generals, as this will increase your efficiency in your tasks.

Evony: Skill Books

Generals in Evony are categorised according to their rarity and whether they are Historic or not. All Gold Historic Generals can have skills added to them by using Skill Books. Skill Books are special items that can add additional buffs to your Generals.

Evony: Skill Books
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This can include buffs to your Evony Troop statistics, battles, and harvesting resources. Skill Books are most easily obtained from the Wheel of Fortune. However, players can also purchase Skill Books from the Skill Books Shop, which can be found in the Academy building in your Keep.

Skill Books can also be crafted using Skill Book pages. These pages can be collected from events and by disassembling Skill Books that you do not need.

There are different levels of Skill Books, with the highest level being level 4. Skill Books are difficult to get, especially at their maximum level.

There are numerous Skill Books that you can acquire, some of which are listed in the table below:

Type Name Description
Military Skill Books Renascence It reduces a General’s imprisonment time and reviving time
Development Skill Books Stone Exploitation This Skill Book enables your General to bring back extra resources from resource locations when he or she is leading the army
Subordinate City Skill Books Rebirth It increases subordinate city troops’ death to survival rate when the General is the Mayor
Subordinate City Skill Books Monster March Speed Increases March Speed towards Monsters when the General is leading the Army

How to add Skill Books to your Generals

Adding Skill Books to a General is quite a  simple task as you only need to open the specific General’s menu and select the “Skills” tab. However, it can be quite difficult to get the exact Skill Books that you want for the General to stick.

Once a Skill Book has been added, there is a possibility that the next Skill Book that you add will overwrite one of the Skill Books that you have already added.

Keep in mind that this chance increases as you add more Skill Books, and this can lead to many wasted Skill Books.

Fortunately, you can add level 1 Skill Books to all available slots. This ensures that you do not waste any of the precious level 4 skill books. Once all of the slots are filled, you can add higher level Skill Books.

Disassembling a Skill Book

Disassembling a Skill Book allows players to get rid of specific Books in exchange for certain Skill Book Pages.

Evony players will likely collect various level 1 duplicates, which should be disassembled. Once you have 10 Skill Book Pages, you can  merge them to create a random level 4 Skill Book.

Keep in mind that the level of the Skill Book that you are disassembling determines the number of pages that you receive:

Skill Book level Pages acquired
1 1 Page
2 2 Pages
3 3 Pages
4 4 Pages

What Skill Books should you add to your Generals?

The Skill Books that you should add to a General are determined by what role they take on. This means that a Ranged General, for instance, should not use the same Skill Books that a Mounted General uses.

The table below lists the recommended Skill Books for different types of Generals:

General type Skill Books
  • Ranged Troop Attack
  • Ranged Troop Range Bonus
  • March Size
  • Ground Troop Attack
  • Ground Troop Health Points
  • Ground Troop Speed
  • Mounted Troop Health Points
  • Mounted Troop Attack
  • March Size

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