Evony: Siren Spiritual Beast

During Evony’s Triumphal Celebration event, players were able to acquire a new Spiritual Beast, Siren, which provides buffs to Ground PvP Generals.

Players can take on the role of a lord or lady in medieval times in this explorative mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. In addition to completing quests, you can harvest resources, train troops, recruit Generals and destroy monsters.

Once you reach a specific level in Evony, you can unlock spiritual beasts, one of which is Siren.

What are spiritual beasts?

Spiritual Beasts can be assigned to your Generals to provide them with unique buffs. You can only acquire a spiritual beast once you have constructed a pasture in your keep.

A spiritual beast functions quite similarly to a Dragon, however, each beast has specific requirements to be unlocked.

There are more than 5 unique spiritual beasts in Evony which provide different effects to your Generals. You should thus decide carefully which buffs you want for a specific General.

Evony: Siren Spiritual Beast

Evony recently hosted the Triumphal Celebration in-game event. While the event was active, players were enjoyed several sub-events, one of which is Song of the Siren.

Evony: Siren Spiritual Beast
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During this event, players were able to acquire multiple rewards, including a Spiritual Beast Scale Box.

If you open this box, you will receive Spiritual Beast Scales. Once you have acquired 400 Spiritual Beast Scales, you can purchase a Siren Trident, which is used to summon Siren, the spiritual beast.

Similarly to other Spiritual Beasts, the Siren features amazing statistics and buffs.

The table below lists the Siren’s attributes at maximum level:

Attribute Effect
Marching Ground Troop Health Points Increased by 52 percent
Enemy Ranged Troop Attack Decreased by 52 percent
Mounted Troop Health Points It is increased by 104 percent
Ground Troop Attack Increased by 104 percent

According to the Siren’s attributes, she is best used with Ground player-versus-player (PvP) Generals because all her buffs are focused on improving the statistics of Ground Troops.

Bear in mind that you need to increase your Siren’s level to level 20 and improve her quality to Red for your Generals to fully benefit from her attributes.

In order to unlock Siren, your pasture should be at level 1. However, you need to build a pasture before you can unlock the Siren.

Players can only construct a pasture when their keep reaches level 21, which, unfortunately, means that players below level 21 cannot unlock the Siren.

How to improve your Siren

When you have unlocked a Siren, you need to improve it to receive the most benefits. There are 2 ways to improve your Siren. Firstly, you can increase your Siren’s level by using Spiritual Beast Experience Points.

Players can collect Spiritual Beast Experience Points by killing boss monsters, event monsters, exploring relics and spinning the wheel of fortune. You can also purchase Spiritual Beast Experience Points on the Black Market.

You can also improve your Siren through Smelting, which requires Gems and Gold. However, the final item that is required depends on the Spiritual Beast being smelted.

In order to improve Siren through Smelting, players have to acquire Crimson Crystals.

Ground PvP Generals

There are several Generals that you can acquire in Evony, but only a few Generals specialize in Ground PvP. The Ground PvP Generals are divided into 2 categories, namely Reinforce and Wall Defender and March and Rally.

Allegedly, players can assign their Siren to any of the Generals, regardless of their category. Some of the best Ground PvP Generals are:

March and Rally Reinforce and Wall Defender
  • Turenne
  • Soult
  • Trajan
  • Robert the Bruce
  • Epaminondas
  • Dmitry
  • Ludwig
  • Elise
  • Alessandra
  • Maeda Toshiie
  • Alexander the Great
  • Aurelian
  • Guan Yu
  • Scipio Africanus
  • Carus

Can you still acquire Siren?

Unfortunately, the Triumphal Celebration event concluded on Monday, 8 May 2023. When the event concluded, all of its rewards, activities and features were removed from Evony. Players therefore cannot unlock Siren.

However, there is a possibility that the Siren Trident, which is required to unlock Siren, will be available in the future. Players should keep an eye on official announcements and in-game events to see if and when they will be available again.

Although you cannot acquire Siren, there are several other Spiritual Beasts that you can unlock. You can procure Thunder Scorpion, Behemoth King, Lord of Lava, Bird of Hurricane, Pegasus, Nine-Tailed Fox, Kong and Burning Godzilla.

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