Evony: Shield of Glory

Evony players can exchange their Shield of Glory during the Alliance Carnival event for various rewards, including Goldfish, Lucky Cat, Shave Ice and Ramune, among others.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous video game that invites players to build an empire from the ground up.

You can also recruit Generals, train troops, slay monsters,  construct buildings, harvest resources and explore Relics. There are many items that you can procure in Evony, one of which is the Shield of Glory.

Alliance Carnival

There are many in-game events that players can participate in, including the Alliance Carnival.

During this event, you can use Refined Iron Helmets and Rare Gold Helmets to increase Celebration Points. By collecting a certain number of Celebration points, you will earn rich rewards.

When other Alliance members earn Celebration Points, you will earn an equal quantity of Celebration Points. Players can obtain Rare Gold Helmets from On ale Packages and Event Packages.

You can use Rare Gold Helmets to increase Celebration Points and earn Swords of Justice.

You can also use Sword of Justice to redeem various rewards, including a Castle Decoration, Generals and many others.

Evony: Shield of Glory

As you advance in the Alliance Carnival event, you will get the opportunity to procure Shields of Glory.

Players can obtain Refined Iron Helmets by harvesting resources from resource tiles, slaying monsters on the world map and claiming login rewards.

You can use Refined Iron Helmets to increase Celebration Points and earn Shields of Glory. Similarly to the Sword of Justice, you can exchange your Shields of Glory to get rewards.

After obtaining Shields of Glory, you have to open the Alliance Carnival menu by selecting the “Event Center” tab.

Players then have to select the “Redeem” tab and choose the rewards that they want to exchange their Shields of Glory for.

Evony: Shield of Glory
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Keep in mind, however, that every item requires a specific number of Shields of Glory:

Item name Description Shield of Glory required
Ramune After using it, if you get any wounded troops when attacking a monster, these wounded troops will turn into survival 10 Shields of Glory
Water Balloon Tap on the City to trigger a thunderstorm for 5 minutes 5 Shields of Glory
Shave Ice Applying this on a city will freeze it for 5 minutes 5 Shields of Glory
Gold Fish Use it to get Refining Stones or a mysterious reward 25 Shields of Glory
Candy Apple Players can use it to get a 50 percent discount when buying an item from the Black Market 50 Shields of Glory
Taiyaki You can use this item to receive massive speedups or mysterious rewards 70 Shields of Glory
Lucky Cat Use it to gain 50 percent Double Items Drop Rate from Monsters for 10 minutes. Also keep in mind that it has a 2-hour cooldown. 50 Shields of Glory

Alliance Carnival Package

While the Alliance Carnival event is active, players can purchase the Alliance Carnival Package for approximately $11.57. If you purchase this pack, you will receive the following rewards:

Item Quantity
60 Minute Speed Up 520
2000 Monarch Experience Points 60
2000 General Experience Points 60
5 000 Gems 25
Rare Gold Helmet 15
Blood of Ares 6
Super Resource Chest 30
Treasure Box 8
Tactic Scroll 55
Dragon Source Fragment 20
Dragon Crystal 12
Runestone Chest 180
Refining Stone 360
Research Stone 75
Source of Life 60
Material Bag 25
100 000 Food Box 320
100 000  Lumber Box 320
100 000 Stone Box 320
100 000 Ore Box 320
100 000 Gold 120

Sword of Justice

Similarly to the Shield of Glory, you can use your Sword of Justice to procure countless items. The items you can obtain in exchange for your Swords of Justice are:

Item Description Sword of Justice required
Sea Fort Players can use it to change the appearance of their empire on the world map 2500 Sword of Justice
Maple Red Mask Use it to get a unique avatar frame 20 Sword of Justice
Autumn Float You can use it to receive a new march effect 200 Sword of Justice
Historic General Players can use it to gain a new Epic Historic General 300 Sword of Justice
Blood of Ares It is necessary for a General to ascend 5 Sword of Justice

Ranking Rewards

If you collect Celebration Points, you will receive a place on the ranking board, and your Alliance will also receive a rank.

Evony players and Alliances who achieved great ranks will earn rich rewards, such as:

Personal Ranking Rewards Alliance Ranking Rewards
  • Crimson Shadow
  • Gems
  • Blood of Ares
  • Source of Life
  • Super Resource Chest
  • 1 Million Gold
  • 5-minute Speedup for Construction
  • Gems
  • Alliance Honor
  • Alliance Point
  • Treasure Box
  • Dragon Source Fragment
  • Runestone Chest
  • 100 000 Gold
  • 60-minute Speed Up

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