Evony: Revelation of Maya

During the Revelation of Maya event in Evony, players have to explore various levels of Mayan ruins to discover chests and gold.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous mobile game in which gamers can build an empire from the ground up. As the lord or lady of a keep in the medieval era, you have to construct buildings, harvest resources, train troops, defeat enemies, and collect Generals.

Although these activities are quite enjoyable, it is advisable that you primarily focus on completing the main story arc.

In addition to the main story and the numerous activities, you can also enjoy in-game events occasionally. One of these events is the Revelation of Maya event.

In-game events

During an in-game event, players can experience Evony in a new, thrilling way for a limited period of time. These occasional events motivate gamers to reopen and play a game again that they may have been neglecting for some time.

While the event is active, you have to complete certain tasks and objectives to earn rewards. Sometimes, the items that you get from an event can only be acquired from that event. Hence, you have to attempt to participate in every in-game event.

Events occasionally have themes that correspond to real-life events, or in Evony’s case, the Revelation is based on the Mayans.

Evony: Revelation of Maya

The in-game description reveals that the Maya civilisation gradually weakened and eventually died off in the post-classical era. However, a mysterious slate that was inscribed with Maya hieroglyphs was found in Monarch’s city.

Evony: Revelation of Maya
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By deciphering the words on the slate, the Monarch could enter Mayan ruins to discover the secrets of the ancient civilisation and to acquire Mayan Gold.

The Revelation of Maya event will only be active for 7 days, and in this time, players can select troops to dispel fogs before they explore different levels. You have to defeat various enemies on a level before you can enter the next level through a portal.

Each exploration contains 20 levels. You can procure Revelation Chests by completing certain levels of the event.

Before you can explore the levels, you have to select troops. Each player has up to 5 troop slots and once all troops are saved, they cannot be changed for the round of exploring. If you want to change your troops, you have to reset to level 1.

With regards to a General, only their basic attributes, skills, specialities, and ascending attributes will have an effect while exploring. However, you can still equip a dragon to activate corresponding buffs. Keep in mind that the attributes of the equipped dragon will not take effect.

The troops in your troop slots will be retained after each battle for the duration of the event. It is noteworthy that battles in the event do not affect your troops outside of the event.

Evony players should also remember that no Runes and Buffs take effect outside of the event, except the Revelation Chest.

You will gain points for defeating targets, completing levels, and dispelling poisonous fog. The points determine your position on the leaderboard. The more points you have, the better the rewards will be.

Buildings in Revelation of Maya

While enjoying the event, you may come across a number of buildings. Each building serves a specific purpose in the event, some of which are outlined below:

Building Description
Typhoon Totem Tower It consumes 10 percent of all troop slots’ troop amounts to occupy this building. It deals damage equal to 40 percent of the target’s maximum health points when attacking in this level after occupying this building.
Mayan Camp It enables you to recruit 1 of 3 troops to battle.
Poisonwood Totem Tower This tower reduces all troop slots’ troop amounts by 5 percent for each 1 fog dispelled when this building exists. The effect disappears when any fog around the tower is dispelled. It also consumes 10 percent of all troop slots’ troop amounts to occupy this building, and occupying this building offers you points.
Mayan Calendar Stone You will receive a random buff for interacting with the stone.

Runes in Revelation of Maya

The Runes can be useful when you are exploring and attempting to clear a level. The following table lists some of the Runes and their effects:

Rune name Effect
Junior Blade Rune You can select a target to deal damage equal to 20 percent, 10 percent, or 2 percent of the maximum health points of a Mayan Warrior,  Mayan Guard, or Mayan High Priest, respectively.
Teleportation Rune Players can select a target and teleport it to a random unlocked location.
Medium Healing Rune You can select a troop slot and restore 40 percent of its maximum troop amount.
Senior Recovery Rune This Rune restores 30 percent of maximum troop amounts for all troop slots.


As previously mentioned, you have to accumulate points during the Revelation of Maya to climb the leaderboard. The better your position is, the better your rewards will be. The rewards that you can expect are :

  • Historic General Fragments
  • Mayan Gem Chest
  • Mayan Art Chest
  • Mayan War Chest
  • Mayan Resource Chest
  • Mayan Speedup Chest

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