Evony: Relic

In Evony, players can find Relics, which are tiles on the world map that consist of treasures and rewards, but you need a treasure map to find them.

Players can experience adventure and imaginative role-playing in this popular mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. The game is based on the classic video game, Evony, which indicates that you will experience similar content, gameplay, and activities in the mobile game. 

Players are able to assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times to build their own empire from the ground up. As you advance in the game, you can participate in numerous activities and special events.

You can complete the main campaign, join a powerful Alliance, collect relics, and gather resources, amongst many others. Players can also enjoy both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gaming modes.

What is the objective of multiple activities?

The objective of having numerous activities is to offer players diverse content, which will increase the chances that more people find something they enjoy in the game. Consequently, they may play the game more frequently, and for longer periods of time.

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It is noteworthy that some activities will be locked when you first start playing the game. However, you can unlock them when you meet the specific requirements to do so. This serves as a means of motivating players to play the game more in order to meet the requirements.

In-game events follow the same principle, as they motivate players to play the game more. In an event, you can receive desirable and rare items by completing specific tasks.

Evony: Relic

One of the activities you can enjoy in the game is finding Relics, which is essentially a tile, or a part of the map where you can find treasures. To find a Relic, you have to acquire a treasure map, which is dropped by monsters and world bosses.

This means that you have to defeat bosses and monsters to get a treasure map. Keep in mind that not all monsters, enemies, and bosses will drop a treasure map. Players should thus keep defeating monsters until they find one.

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Once you have found a treasure map, you can use it to locate the Relic. Since the Relic is a public tile, it can be attacked and occupied by other players. You should thus be sure to use powerful troops when travelling to a Relic, as you could be attacked by stronger players.

What is the Relic Chamber?

In the Relic part of the menu, you can discover the Relic Chamber, which can only be unlocked once you have procured enough Slate Fragments. Players can receive Slate Fragments as a reward for exploring Relics.

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Once you have gained access to the Relic Chamber, you can consume Brick Hammers to smash the bricks in order to receive the rewards behind the bricks.

Before smashing the bricks, however, you have to select 3 rewards as the ultimate treasure of that specific Relic Chamber round. The rewards you can get in the Relic Chamber include, but are not limited to:

Why can’t you explore a Relic?

It is noteworthy that you may not be able to explore all the Relics you find in the game for specific reasons.

One of the reasons may be that your keep level is not high enough yet. In this case, you should either find another Relic or increase your keep level to explore that Relic.

Another reason is that the player who initially opened the Relic may not have sent their troops to it yet. However, you can attack the Relic for a chance to defeat the other player’s troops once they have started exploring it.

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How to complete a Relic safely and efficiently

It is recommended that you ask for help from your Alliance before attempting to capture and explore a Relic. Your Alliance members can send their strongest troops to help you defend the Relic from other players and enemies. Subsequently, your Relic will have a base defence.

Players should ensure that they empty the Relic as soon as possible, as the defence troops will only last a specific period of time. Keep in mind that you first have to join an Alliance before you can ask it for help.

To join an Alliance, you have to go to the Alliance section in the main menu and you should pick the one you like the most out of the various options.

Final thoughts

Evony: The King’s Return is a fun mobile game that invites players to take on the role of a lord or lady during medieval times. As the game’s name suggests, it is based on the popular video game, Evony, which means that you can enjoy similar content and mechanics.

One of the features you can enjoy in the game is Relics, which are tiles, or a part of the map where you can acquire different types of treasures and rewards. Players should keep in mind that they first have to procure a treasure map to determine the Relic’s location.

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