Evony: Raging Kong

Players can attempt to defeat a Raging Kong during Evony’s Kong Collaboration event to earn rich rewards.

You can take on the role of a lord or lady during medieval times in this thrilling video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

At the time of writing this, the 4th stage of Kong’s Collaboration event is active, and it consists of numerous activities that gamers can enjoy. During the event, you may discover a Raging Kong on the world map.

Kong Collaboration event

The fourth stage of the Kong Collaboration event kicked off on Friday, 14 April 2023 and it will come to an end on Monday, 24 April 2023.

In this time, you can partake in several activities to earn rewards. The Login event simply requires that you log into Evony to earn rewards, while the Beast Lair event invites you to collect Beast Bone Fragments to discover the lair of Kong.

For the Ancient Island Hunt, players have to procure Fatal Fangs by defeating Skullcralwers. Fatal Fangs can be used to summon the Shadow of Kong.

For the Mysterious Island Adventure, you have to obtain Silver Badges, which can be consumed to upgrade the Adventure Mission level and to unlock rewards.

Evony: Raging Kong

Not only can you enjoy several limited-time activities during the Kong Collaboration event, but you may even discover a Raging Kong on the world map. Since this enemy is a world boss, it can be extremely difficult to destroy.

Allegedly, Raging Kong is quite easy to find on the world map, as its location is indicated by a glowing red icon. That being said, some players claimed that they searched the entire map for more than 10 minutes and were not able to find Raging Kong.

For this reason, we assume that Raging Kong is a rare spawn as players are struggling to find him.

It is worth noting that Raging Kong spawns at random locations on the world map and the location of the Boss Monster will allegedly reset to a random place at 8:00 every day. This means that the chances that Raging Kong will spawn at the same location twice are low.

When you find a Raging Kong on the world map, you will be able to see its current health points and its level. The higher its level is, the stronger the enemy is, which makes it extremely difficult to defeat.

You will also find that you only have a certain number of attack chances. If you do not vanquish Raging Kong within 5 attacks, you will fail the attempt.

If you run out of chances, you can purchase additional chances for 200 Gems. However, the number of chances that players  can purchase is limited.

Evony: Raging Kong
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Attacking Raging Kong

When you select a Raging Kong on the world map, you will notice that you can try to defeat it as a solo player, or you can start an Alliance War to defeat the Boss Monster.

Since it is extremely difficult to defeat a Raging Kong, we recommend that you do not attack it as a solo player.

Instead, you can attack the boss monster in your Alliance to gain rewards. If you start an Alliance War against Raging Kong, the Alliance will earn Alliance damage ranking rewards.

Keep in mind that you do not have to defeat Raging Kong completely to receive rewards.

Rewards for attacking a Raging Kong

Whether you are attacking a Raging Kong as a solo player, or as part of an Alliance, you will only receive rewards when the Boss Monster’s health points reach a specific percentage.

Therefore, you do not have to attempt to vanquish the enemy completely. Instead, you can focus on reducing his health points to a certain percentage.

You can send a scout march to claim treasures near Kong if the attack reduces Kong’s health points to exactly 80 percent, 60 percent, 40 percent, 20 percent or 0 percent. If you reduce Kong’s health points to 50 percent, you will not receive rewards.

Buying chances

As previously explained, Evony players only have 5 chances to destroy a Raging Kong. If you run out of chances, you can purchase an additional 5 chances with Gems, but the more chances you purchase, the more expensive it becomes:

Additional chances Price
1 200 Gems
2 400 Gems
3 600 Gems
4 800 Gems
5 1000 Gems

This means that you will need to use approximately 3000 Gems if you want to purchase an additional 5 chances. Since this is a lot of Gems, you have to carefully consider if attacking a Raging Kong is worth it.

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