Evony: Radiant Goddess

The Radiant Goddess Image in Evony allows players to customize their monarch, however it can only be unlocked by purchasing a package.

In this exciting video game, Evony: The King’s Return, players can build their own empire by recruiting Generals, harvesting resources, defeating enemies and training troops.

Although the main objective of the game is to expand your kingdom, you can still obtain some customization features, such as the Radiant Goddess.

Customization in Evony

Players can customize their Generals, playstyle and troops according to their preferences, however, you can also customize how you appear to other Evony players.

Although the customization options are not very diverse, you are able to select the appearance of your monarch.

As you progress in the game, you will be able to collect Avatars, Avatar Frames and Images. Keep in mind that you may have to participate in a specific event, though, or complete certain objectives to earn these customization options.

Players can change these features by selecting the Monarch, which is in the upper left corner of the game. You then have to select the detail option in the new menu, which will allow you to customize your character even more.

Evony: Radiant Goddess

In the Monarch detail menu, you will find a Monarch image with a green icon. If you select this green icon, you will be able to change your Monarch’s avatar, Avatar Frame and Image.

That being said, you can only equip an Image, Avatar Frame and Avatars once you have collected them. However, you can  view all the customization options, even if you did not collect them all.

There are several Avatars and Avatar Frames that gamers can procure by participating in specific events or by completing certain activities. Unfortunately, there are only 3 Images to choose from, one of which is the Radiant Goddess.

Most Evony players will have the default image selected, as the other 2 images are locked. The only way that players can unlock the Radiant Goddess Image is by participating in a certain event.

To get this image, you have to purchase the Almighty Power Package with real money.

It is believed that the Almighty Power Package was only available for a certain period of time and therefore, it has been removed from Evony.

This essentially means that players can no longer purchase the pack to unlock the Radiant Goddess Image.

However, it is undetermined whether or not another package will become available in the near future that contains the Radiant Goddess Image.

We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the available packages to see if the Radiant Goddess is available for purchase.

Evony: Radiant Goddess
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Radiant Goddess buffs and bonuses

If you manage to purchase the Almighty Power Package and unlock the Radiant Goddess Image, you will be able to select it in the customization menu.

Several players want to know if equipping the Radiant Goddess image will provide them with unique buffs and bonuses.

Regrettably, you will not get any bonuses or buffs by equipping the Radiant Goddess Image. This image is a pure cosmetic item, and it will only change the appearance of your Monarch to other players in Evony.

Since the Radiant Goddess image does not provide players with any bonuses and buffs, several players are hesitant to purchase it, as it is only a cosmetic item.

Do you have to unlock the Radiant Goddess Image?

Players should note that it is not mandatory to purchase a package to unlock the Radiant Goddess image. You can therefore progress in Evony as normal, even if you have the default Image selected.

The cosmetic items are therefore only for players who are willing to spend real money in the game.

Most of the time, these gamers purchase the packages for the items they receive, while the customization option is merely a bonus for purchasing the package.

Additional customizations

There are many customizations that players can procure in Evony, but some features can only be obtained when you have completed a specific objective:

Customization name Description
Crown of Dignity This frame was only available for the duration of the Halloween event in 2021.
Groundhog Herd Players had to participate in the Groundhog Day event in 2022 to unlock this frame.
Epic Starlight You have to reach a certain ranking in the All-Star Battlefield to unlock this frame
Monster Slayer It unlocks when you reach the Glory-Strategy Expert.

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